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Solar Eclipse 2015 Animation Of The Sun taken with Protective Sunflasses
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Macro Photography Magnification
Hands on testing and determination of magnifications of different combinations of close up lenses, macro extension tubes, lenses mounted in retro, etc ...
#macrophotography #mopswerk #tutorial  
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Look for beauty in places where you wouldn’t expect it … even such a simple thing like an icy mud puddle can be such a spot …
#mopswerk   #puddle #ice #abstractphotography #closeupphotography   #photomaniagermany
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+Florian Freimoser
 thanks, nice to hear from the master of details :-) !
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Have them in circles
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GRASDAGGL Foto aus der 20cm Höhenperspektive #mopswerk #panorama #hdr
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Es ist eine gute idee!
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Voigtlander 15mm F4.5 Super WIde Heliar III UWA Lens Test and Comparison with Voigtlander F3.5 20mm Color Skopar and Tokina 17mm RMC F3.5
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#Sofi2015 animiert ... (300mm + 1.5x Extender an APS-C)
  #sonnenfinsternis   #mopswerk  
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Es gibt eine Gemeinschaftsausstellung im Rahmen der #Heimattage #Bruchsal Mehr dazu auch auf meiner Projektseite
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+Kerstin Thieme-Jäger
Vielen Dank!
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Henrik Fessler

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Photos from the Suebian Alps, enjoy!
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Panoramafotografien von der Schwäbischen Alb und dem Umland
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In View Of Nature, Stay Humble
Thanks for taking a look at my Google Plus Stream complementing my blog

My public self deals with topic of self management and photography. I have a science background doing IT stuff for a living, and photography for a private passion.

I have written a book on Self Management for my own and try to apply the principles laid out there for the trajectory of my life's path.

My humble aim for the virtual world is to post an interesting blog post once every week or so on my blog...

And yes, I also have real self with a lots of other interests and activities to follow up, but that's another story ;-) !

Hope you'll find some Inspiration here and I'm looking forward for you to drop a friendly line in my posts ...

  • Background In Applied Science
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