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To paint or not to paint?

#planetaryannihilation #miniatures

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Air-Powered Star Trek Style Door #SciFiSunday

Impressive Star Trek inspired build from uiproductions via instructables.

I always wanted a piece of Star Trek and the Disney Monorail in my house, and one thing they have in common is that they both have automatic sliding doors. It would be the perfect, most geek-ified entryway for my bedroom.

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Beautiful work and for a good cause.

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So glad I backed this!
#kickstarter   #kungfury   #hasselhoff  

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Some perspective on things:

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Found a useful hack for my Pebble today!

I'm using Pebble Canvas to create custom watchfaces on my phone, but showing images only when charging has been a problem for a few reasons:

1) Image layers can't be set to have a dynamic size (can't be shrunk to nothingness based on some dynamic value).

2) The "Watch Battery Plugged In" status is "0" when not charging and "1" when charging, making it difficult to use a second dynamically sized layer to cover up the image when not charging (the needed logic is reversed).

3) The string evaluated to get the resize value must be in the form of a fraction ("x/y") once tokens have been replaced, and no math expressions or conditionals can be used.

But, the hack I found today works around these issues!

Set an image layer to always display, but have it normally covered up by another Time/Date/Pebble status layer with no contents and a non-transparent background. I call this extra layer the "blinder".

Then set the blinder to be dynamically sized in some direction and using the format "1/%o01". That is the letter o (Watch Battery Plugged In) followed by a zero and a one.

This string parsing hack toggles the size between "1/001" and "1/101", effectively hiding or showing the blinder layer or the image below.

One curious thing is that if you instead set the format to "1/%o00" (a zero instead of a one at the end), the blinder layer will disappear when plugging the Pebble in, but it won't reappear when unplugging it. Switching watchfaces brings shows the blinder again.
This could be a division of zero issue which for some reason isn't triggered on the initial parsing of the format.

This also works with "%O" (Watch Battery Charging) instead of "%o" (Watch Battery Plugged In). Once the watch has reached 100% and stayed there for a little while, the image will be hidden again.

#Pebble   #PebbleCanvas  
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