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so far, 0 out of 4 flights this weekend have worked. Spending tonight at Schiphol, but at least saw most of FOSDEM. Berlin tomorrow, I hope
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I know the feeling. Every single one of my travels in 2012 has involved at least a minor incident (like a taxi getting stuck on an icy patch of road) or a more major screwup, like my original flight to Helsinki being cancelled - and my not being told until I had already made the ~2.5 hour drive to the airport and was standing in front of the checkin desk...

Hopefully things will improve!
Trains weren't better either. The ICE trains between Cologne and Brussels broke down both on my way to and from Brussels. I guess I can count myself lucky that each incident was close enough to the final destination that there were alternative local trains.
Ouch. Were you also in the flight that landed in Charleroi?
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