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Saturday evening hacking. Working on BeagleG, a G-code interpreter and step-motor controller using the #Beaglebone Black and its PRU capabilities. Weekend project, started on New Years Eve, so not complete yet, but getting close to actually operating a machine.

Here, wiring to a #RAMPS motor driver and doing some tests. Works quite nicely.
Tomorrow: implementing accurate linear acceleration for the motor controller, then acceleration planning for adjacent line segments.

Eventually, this should eliminate the need to have a separate micro-controller (e.g. running Marlin) when operating a #3dprinter  . Everything can just be operated by the Beaglebone, including +OctoPrint  as the frontend.

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What (if any) OS are you planning to run on the BB?
Just regular Linux. Since the PRU does all the hard realtime stuff, it doesn't need to be very real-timy ... just fast enough to keep the ring-buffer filled with the commands. So on that 'host'-side, I just have a  regular C-program, running on Linux, doing the G-Code interpretation, providing a network socket interface etc.

The PRU unit just runs my hand-assembler coded stuff bare-bone (well, the PRU only has 8K of program memory).

You can see the code on GitHub hzeller/beagleg.
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