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Bumps board, first version. Just reviewing before sending to OSH park tomorrow.

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This board is simpler. This is more in the spirit of a simple RAMPS board. Also less features than Cramps, e.g. only 5 stepper drivers and no servo control. Less features means: it is as well more compact :)

Over New Years Eve, I was playing with the PRU to control stepper motors ( I called the project  #BeagleG , on my github) and connected a RAMPS board manually. Since it was promising, I wanted a less hacky board to connect and actually operate my 3D printer.

At the time, there were no BBB capes with stepper drivers (that I am aware of). Replicape was about to be there, but looked too complicated for what I needed. Also, I wanted to re-use the Pololu boards I had in the RAMPS board. I didn't know about Charles' Cramps, so we worked independently on similar things (otherwise I might've just waited for Cramps to be ready as it does what I need).

So this is how Bumps came to be (I spent some time in-between understanding the KiCad code and sending patches to that project :) ).

Anyway, Bumps/BeagleG is essentially just the continuation of my PRU experiments without any claim of any usefulness (yet) :) Mostly enjoying hacking on software and hardware. I plan to use it for my 3D printer and CNC machine and probably a pick-n-place machine.
Beta testers welcome of course.
Let me get the very first version of the hardware running first. The BeagleG software does some basic stuff ( ) but most notably does not have kinematic planning yet (also endswitch support, heating control) - will be implemented once I have this board running (so in a couple of weeks).
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