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172+ Magic Words for Instant Power
How to Boost Your Persuasive Powers

What if you knew which words are most persuasive?

What if choosing those words would help you grab attention and win more sales?

Sound like magic, eh?

But it's scientifically proven.

In today's article:
- Discover the 3 types of power words that make you more persuasive
- Learn why science tells us certain words are more powerful than others
- Understand how to use these magic words in any business content so you can boost your persuasive powers, too
- Get over 170 examples of power words

Click below and read what's probably the most comprehensive guide on power words on the web. It's free. And it's magic.
Do you know which words could instantly make you more persuasive? Discover the three types of power words and learn how to use them in your business content.
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Fab post! Glad I found you today! +Henneke Duistermaat 
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Henneke Duistermaat

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How to Be Original (When Everything Has Been Said Already)

Do you feel everything has been said already?

Discussed from every angle by every authority?

You leaf through your notebook with blog post ideas. You scratch your head. Nothing feels right.

You’ve hit a mental wall. Robbed of inspiration.

What the hell can you write about?!?

You mutter a few bad words. You want to shut down your computer, go out for a walk, and forget about your blog. Forever.


But your readers are waiting for your next post.

And you’ve promised yourself to write every week.

Others can do it, so why can’t you?

Writing a blog is not about picking original ideas. It’s about finding original ways to communicate your message.

Want to know how? Check out my tips by clicking the link below ...
Ever feel like there's nothing to add to the internet echo chamber? Running out of ideas? Here's how to be original as a blogger and stand out from the crowd.
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Henneke Duistermaat

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Are These 5 Common Copywriting Mistakes Chasing Potential Clients away?

Have you had an overdose of copywriting advice?

Frustrating, isn’t it?

You read copywriting tips every day. You listen to podcasts, and have read a few books.

But …

When you have to write your copy, you feel stuck.

Copywriting advice is swirling around in your head. You can’t make sense of it. Should you include more rational arguments? Or tap into emotions? Should you tighten your text? Or include more details?

Too many tips are fighting for your attention.

You’re not alone. Most copywriting advice is over-complicated, making your head spin.

So, let’s get back to basics, shall we?

Click the article below and learn which 5 most common copywriting mistakes might be destroying your persuasive power. Avoid these 5 mistakes and your copy becomes more compelling ...
Confused by copywriting advice? Check out these common copywriting mistakes and learn how to make your copy more persuasive.
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Henneke Duistermaat

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Why You Should Stop Searching for Your Authentic Voice
And How to Find a Voice That Resonates With Your Audience

Have you ever wondered what it means to be your authentic self?

What is authenticity?

When we talk about authentic Chinese cuisine, it’s quite clear what we mean. We refer to real Chinese food you can eat in China. It’s genuinely Chinese, not a mishmash of food adapted to Western taste buds.

Similarly, authentic antique is genuine, not fake.

But what does it mean to write in an authentic, genuine voice, true to yourself?

Is it a trick question?

What if you liberate yourself from your search for authenticity?

Could you find a voice resonating strongly with your audience because you focus on your readers instead of yourself?
Want to find a voice that resonates strongly? Find out why you should stop searching for your authentic voice and focus on your audience instead.
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Henneke Duistermaat

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The Non-Clickbait Way to Get People to Click
How to Open the Curiosity Gap (in an Ethical Way!)

Have you been disappointed about clickthrough rates for your emails?

It happened to me recently.

I had written my blog post and carefully crafted an email. I hit publish with a sigh of relief. Done.

But when I looked at my email stats the next day, the results were disappointing. The opens were fine. So my subject line had been good. But the clickthroughs? Rather depressing.

What was the problem?

I had forgotten to open up the curiosity gap in my email. Sure, avid readers still clicked to read, but others? I had not given them a strong enough incentive to click through.

Want to learn how to avoid this silly mistake? Want to get more people to open and read your emails?

Click below to learn how to use the right type of curiosity to entice people to click through and get more people to read your content.
Ever wondered how you can entice more people to read your content without turning to clickbait titles? Here's how to arouse curiosity in an ethical way.
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Thank you, +Barry Amato. :-)
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Henneke Duistermaat

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How to Write Powerful Testimonials
4 Tips to Snatch More Clients

It's a pity that most testimonials online suck.

They're far too sugary to be believable. They don't help you sell a service.

Want to know how to write compelling testimonials instead? And get clients to sell your services?

Check out today's 4 tips for persuasive testimonials.
Most testimonials are too sugary to be convincing. Follow these 4 tips to make your testimonials more credible and persuasive, so you can win more clients.
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Thank you, +Alexei Zoubov!
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Henneke Duistermaat

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A 3-Step Process for Powerful Writing
How to Exude Authority (Even If You Feel Like a Nobody)

In this overcrowded online world, do you ever wonder why people would listen to your advice?

I used to feel the same way.

I didn’t understand why people would read my writing tips when the web is awash with writing advice from people more experienced, more knowledgeable, and more authoritative than me.

Why would anyone listen to me?

I’ve learned that mindset was flawed.

When I learned how to write well, a new world opened up. I connected with people across the world. I built a thriving blog. People started listening to my advice — and more importantly, they acted on it.

Want to make an impact with your words, too?

Check out my 3-step process for writing with power and authority ...
Do you ever think, "Why would anyone listen to me?" Henneke reveals how to write with power so readers act on your advice, which will lead to more sales.
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Henneke Duistermaat

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How Pro Writers Nurture Their Writing Skills (Without Paying for Expensive Courses)

Want to become a better writer?

But you don't have the budget right now for a writing course?

Most writing gurus tell you to write more and read more.

That's useful advice.

But it's not the best advice.

Want to know what instead? Click below and learn the best method for improving your writing skills when you don't want to spend money on a course ...
The writing gurus tell you to write and read more. But that's not enough to improve your writing skills. Want to know the #1 method pro writers use to learn?
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Henneke Duistermaat

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How to Entice Subscribers to Open and Click Your Emails
FREE Webinar - Thursday, June 23 at 1pm ET / 6pm BST

Ever feel frustrated about your email open or click-through rates?

You've carefully crafted an email. You've polished each sentence. You've racked your brain for the very best subject line. You hit send with a sigh of relief. That's done.

But when you look at your email stats, you notice that the opens aren't as good as you'd hoped, and the click-through rate is disappointing. It's depressing.

Does it feel like a big challenge to get people to open and read your emails? And then to click your calls to action?

It doesn't need to be so hard. Join AWeber and me on Thursday, June 23 at 1 pm ET for a free webinar and learn how to get higher open and click-through rates and grow your business:

• Learn the #1 copywriting trick for writing more engaging emails
• Discover which 4 emotions to appeal to for higher open and click rates
• Find out how to write sales emails that make your readers eager to find out more
• Learn how to write blog update emails that make subscribers crave more
• Get real life examples of successful subject lines (and understand why they work)

Claim your FREE spot now:
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Thank you, Dorothee, +DB MEDIA PRODUCTIONS, I have drawn the illustrations myself (you'll find them on my blog, too). You can use the images published on my blog on your own website as long as you credit me (Henneke) with a link back to the original image. You can't use the images in any commercial material. Feel free to email if you have questions. Henneke [at] EnchantingMarketing [dot] com
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Henneke Duistermaat

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A Tutorial on Writing Email Sequences
How to Keep Your Readers Hooked (and Craving More!)

Do you ever feel like you’re writing for faceless pixels?

Working online can feel lonely and anonymous.

You work your socks off to write entertaining blog posts chock-full of your best advice.

But who is reading your content? What do they think of it? And what else are they looking for?

Finding out those answers may feel like an impossible task. But getting closer to your readers may be easier than you think.

An email sequence can help you:

1. Get more email subscribers because you can promote your email sequence as an opt-in bonus—a “free course”
2. Learn who your subscribers are because you can ask them questions as soon as they sign up—you can start conversations
3. Establish a relationship because readers don’t have to wait until you publish your next blog post
4. Grow your authority because everyone receives your most useful tips—they don’t have to dig through your blog archives to find them
5. Allow readers to get to know you by sharing a personal story
6. Get more sales because you can promote your products at the end of a sequence of related tips

Sound promising, right?

Check out the tutorial below.
Want to establish a better relationship with email subscribers? Or entice more people to join your list? Learn how to write an email sequence to grow your biz.
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Henneke Duistermaat

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How to Nurture Empathy for Your Readers
A Mini-Guide on Crafting Meaningful Content

A few weeks ago, a reader told me off.

She thought one of my posts was too commercial, too slick. As if I was advocating sleazy sales techniques.

And hopefully, you know that's not what I stand for.

At first I was angry. Her email stung.

If I'd been empathetic and brave, I would have asked her so I could understand her viewpoint.

I feel a little embarrassed, but I didn't ask. I didn't reply. I couldn't.

Have you ever felt the same?

Today's post is about empathy. About learning to understand each other's viewpoints, so we can do more meaningful work, craft stronger messages, and help more people.

Practicing empathy is foremost an act of being human, of building connections.

But it also makes perfect business sense. Appreciating other perspectives can even spark our creativity.

Check the full story by clicking below...
Empathy is about taking your audience's perspective, creating meaningful connections and doing work that matters. It's not a shortcut for marketing success.
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Henneke Duistermaat

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Want to Sound More Authoritative? Or More Empathetic?
4 Punctuation Tips to Change Your Voice

Proper punctuation is both the sign and the cause of clear thinking.
~ Lynne Truss (Eats, Shoots & Leaves)

Yeah, yeah.

But who really cares about punctuation?!?

Writing is hard enough. You must think about writing proper sentences, choosing the right words, and avoiding spelling mistakes. Who has time to worry about commas and full stops?

Isn’t worrying about commas and semi-colons for grammar freaks and pedantic teachers? For poets and writers with too much time to ponder away?

In the past years, I’ve come to understand that I’ve been wrong about punctuation. These humble marks in our writing matter more than I thought.

Punctuation changes your voice. We can sound more excited. Or authoritative. Or empathetic. We can build suspense. Make readers stop, or get them to rush ahead to the next paragraph …

Want to know how? Check out my illustrated post below ...
Punctuation changes your voice. We can sound more authoritative or empathetic. We can make readers stop, or get them to rush ahead to the next paragraph.
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I like that, +Jason O. Nungesser.
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