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How I Turned 31 Measly Words Into a Valuable Blog Post
A 5-Step Process to Beat Blogging Fatigue

Sometimes, the thought of writing another blog post induces a thumping headache.

You want to curl up in bed and forget about your blog. Forget about your readers. Forget about running your business. The whole blogging thing feels meaningless. Futile. Pointless.

But you know readers are waiting for your next update.

And you’ve promised yourself to write every week. Because if you wouldn’t write every week, you’d never publish anything. You must practice discipline.

So you leaf through your notebook with ideas. You have ten, twenty good ideas for blog posts. But today, none of them feels right. Too complicated. Too cheerful. Not what you want to write.

But then you spot a teeny-tiny idea, and you wonder … can you turn this snippet into a solid blog post? A post that’s fun and valuable?

Check out this 5-step process and learn how to turn a few measly words into a solid article that your readers enjoy and share:
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Henneke Duistermaat

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4 Silly Mistakes With Verbs
Don't make your readers yawn and editors cringe

Can I tell you a quick story?

My boyfriend and I hadn’t been dating for long;  and on one memorable night, we went to the movies: A documentary about Tibet.

18 years later, my husband still teases me about it.

The cinematography was breathtaking. The topic interested me—a few years earlier, I had traveled to Tibet, and was fascinated by the culture, the people, and the landscape.

But still …

I fell asleep.

How could that happen?

There was little action in the movie. What could have been a 60-minute story was dragging on for over 3 hours.

Yucky verbs have the same effect. They drag readers down and make them yawn.

Check out how to use your verbs correctly so you can boost your persuasiveness and keep readers engaged:
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Henneke Duistermaat

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This 3-Act Business Story Will Do Your Selling for You
The Easy Peasy Method for Business Storytelling

Do you wonder whether storytelling requires a special talent?

I used to think exactly the same. 

The books I read about storytelling left me disoriented and befuddled. Heroes? Drama? A plot? The protagonist? The mentor? Story arcs? 

How does that apply to my business????

But by studying business stories on websites, I learned that business stories can be so simple that every business owner can tell them. You only need to learn how to tell a short 3-act story:

1. Describe a problem
2.  Explain the breakthrough
3. Tell how it feels to have the problem resolved

Want to learn how to write stories that sell? Check out my post including 3 examples:
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Glad to hear that, +József Zsolt Viczena​ :)
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Henneke Duistermaat

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A 5-Step Plan for Creating Fresh Content Every Week
How to Blog Regularly Even If You Don't Have Time

Does blogging feel like an enormous task?

Can't find time for writing a weekly blog post? Or is procrastination sabotaging your good intentions? 

The "secret" to regular blogging is simpler than you might think: Chop up the blog writing process:

Day 1: Pick an idea and create a quick outline
Day 2: Write a rough draft for the main body of the post
Day 3: Focus your attention on the 3 most important parts of your blog post: a headline, opening, and closing paragraph
Day 4: Edit your post
Day 5: Format and promote your post

When you make your first step small, you don't give procrastination a chance. Read all details here:
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Henneke Duistermaat

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Negative Self-Talk?
Here’s How I Made Peace With My Inner Critic

Oh my, it’s sooooo frustrating.

You’ve worked your socks off. Your new article is nearly ready. You’ve polished your words. You’ve created the images.

You only need to write an opening paragraph.

But you can’t do it.

The knot in your stomach is growing. Self-doubt is bubbling up. Your inner critic is having a field day:

Don’t publish this. It’s stupid. People might think you’re crazy.

I’ve heard people say you must simply banish that nagging voice. Lock it away in a drawer. Or punch it. Knockout.

But that’s not easy, is it?

Read the full story of how I learned to make peace with my inner critic:
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I love that, +Mary Lou Green. Thank you.
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Henneke Duistermaat

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Does Your Business Content Seduce Readers to Get Closer … and Buy From You?

We all know the feeling.

You’ve been writing and writing, and writing.

And then, one day, you step back. Doubts bubble up inside you. Is your writing good enough? Does your content engage the right audience? Does your content make readers trust you and buy from you?

How do you know?

To evaluate your content, you must know the three types of business content:

#1. Cold business content
Cold business content is like a hotel room in a chain hotel. The room could be anywhere in the world. A bed. A shower. But no personality. No local flavor. No flair.

To add warmth to cold content, write as if you're talking with your favorite customer. Replace gobbledygook with everyday language or slang. Embrace your quirks, and add a touch of humor.

#2. Clever clogs content
This type of content is like a design hotel. It's so innovative that you don't feel at home or can't find the light switches.

Make sure you always put your readers first, and don't take yourself too seriously. Don’t be afraid to use standard terms; a copywriter is a copywriter, not a word nerd solving wordy problems.

#3. Sweetspot content
Sweetspot content attracts the right audience, because you know exactly who you're writing for. Don't be afraid to push away the audience that isn't right for you because it'll bring you closer to your fans.

Good business writers are both authoritative and warm-hearted. They get personal, but they’re not afraid to talk business. They have creative flair, but always put their readers first.

They subtly seduce readers to get closer, to trust them, and to buy.

Check out the full story here:
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Henneke Duistermaat

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Why You May Ignore These 3 Writing Rules

Feeling a little rebellious? Fed up with following rules?

Me, too.

Everyone tells us what to do. Eat more fruit. Drink less alcohol. Get up early. Don’t jump red traffic lights. Hold the handrail.

I know I’m guilty, too. Almost weekly, I’ve been telling you how to write and which mistakes to avoid.

So, today is different. In today's post, you discover 3 writing rules you can ignore, so your writing life becomes a little easier, and perhaps your writing even gets better, too.

Check out the three rules and learn why you should ignore them:
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And here's my #2 writing rule:
See rule #1 ;-)
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Henneke Duistermaat

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How to Run Your Solo-Biz Without Going Crazy, Burning Out, or Feeling Like a Miserable Failure
14 Honest Lessons Learned From 3 Years in a Solo-Business

Success stories. The perfect blueprint. The 6-figure launch.

When you read how others are running their solo-businesses, it seems to be smooth sailing. They know what they’re doing. They know where they’re heading. And they execute their plans with precision and flair.

Do you sometimes feel a tinge of envy?

You’re slaving away at your desk, and you get nervous about your ever-growing to-do list. You don’t seem to make any progress at all. How can you create the business you’re dreaming of?

The truth is that few businesses are as successful as those stories you hear. And running our own businesses is much messier than most people like to admit.

In today's post, I share 14 honest lessons and surprising tips about my first 3 years of running Enchanting Marketing:

1. A one-person business isn’t agile
2. When you feel overwhelmed, make a list
3. When the world is against you, stop trying to control it
4. Don’t set yourself impossible standards
5. Putting yourself out there is scary
6. Each business phase requires a different focus
7. Don’t get stuck when planning, because you don’t know what will happen
8. Don’t listen to the naysayers
9. Don’t expect your business to snowball
10. Content marketing is a tough job
11. Writing brings clarity and joy
12. Schedule work
13. Ignore most online advice
14. Don’t ever be ashamed of feeling stuck or overwhelmed

Read the details here:

PS Enchanting Marketing turns 3 years' old on Friday :-)
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Yes, as long you have the right partner. Looking from the outside, the two of you seem a super-team, +sharon tanton & +Sonja Jefferson.
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Henneke Duistermaat

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How to Captivate Your Business Audience
Arousing the Magic Power of Sensory Words

You might think that sensory words are for poets and novelists. For creative spirits. Not for serious business people like you and me.

But that’s not true.

Using sensory words can help you captivate your audience—a business audience, too. Sensory words help you write with warmth, drawing your readers closer to you. They add personality and flavor to boring content. They help you stand out in a sea of grey voices that all sound the same.

Shall I explain?

Discover the science behind the power of sensory words, and learn how to use them in your business writing (incl. examples!):
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I agree with you, Susanna +WordPress Building Blocks. Thank you for stopping by! :-)
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Henneke Duistermaat

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Why Adverbs Stink
How to Apply the Sweet-Scented Magic of Editing

Imagine readers hippety-hopping through your content.

An autumn breeze plays with their hair. You notice a twinkle in their eye.

Sound good, doesn’t it?

Now, picture the sun hiding behind an ink black cloud. Your readers start to trudge. Their shoes feel heavy. Squelch. Sploosh. Squelch. Sploosh.

Not the kind of experience you want to create, huh?

Still it happens all the time.

Lazy editing makes readers trudge. They get tired. They start skimming your content, or worse: they might click away.

And the muckiest words making your readers drag, plod, and toil?

Those are adverbs. As bestselling author Stephen King has said: "The road to hell is paved with adverbs"

Want to get rid of those mucky adverbs? Check out today's article and learn how to apply the 4 enchanting (and simple!) rules for adverbs:
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Henneke Duistermaat

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How to Make Your Words Swing and Swirl
Do you know whether your writing jigs or jives? Waltzes or boogies? Struts or strolls?

Most business writers ignore the power of rhythm.

They think rhythm is for poets, musicians, and dancers. Why would a business writer worry about something as esoteric as rhythm?

Well, have you ever worked out while listening to music? Did you notice how the cadence of the music influenced your speed of running, cycling or lifting weights?

You might not be aware of it, but a higher-tempo song makes you bounce a little faster. Your brain synchronizes with the tempo of the music; and, as neuroscientist Dr. Daniel Levitin argues, you might not even feel your muscles protesting because the music enhances your mood and increases your pain threshold.

There’s music in writing, too.

Writing can stutter and stumble. Writing can flow so softly, it almost sends you to sleep. Writing can hop and skip, putting a smile on your face.

Rhythm is one of the most underrated aspects of writing. But yucky rhythm can make your readers click away, while carefully composed rhythm can keep your readers engaged.

Find out how to make your content swing and swirl: [with examples]
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Yes, sure, that's what I thought, +József Zsolt Viczena :-) I would have no problem with you publishing the translations, but for the guest posts the host blogs would also need to give their permission as they received exclusivity on the articles.
Thank you for clarifying!
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25 Copywriting Essentials Everyone in Business Must Know
Incl. FREE downloadable checklist (no opt-in required)

It’s infuriating, isn’t it?

You’ve read a few books on copywriting, and many many blog posts.

Heck, you’ve even followed a copywriting course.

But when you sit down to write your own copy?

You feel like a mumbling ignoramus. You’re unsure where to start. You don’t know what to write. You fidget. You check Twitter. You make another cup of tea. And answer a couple of emails.

But writing that copy?

You’d rather not.

And that’s a polite way to say it, because you feel like screaming, using foul language, and throwing your computer out of the window.

Sound familiar?

Discover the 25 copywriting essentials every business owner must know and learn how to make your copy irresistible:
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Thank you, +Mark Crosling. A touch of bossiness suits you well ;-)
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