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We are at war with Eastasia. We've always been at war with Eastasia. Everybody knows that.
We are at war with Eastasia. We've always been at war with Eastasia. Everybody knows that.

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This is one of the best essays on computer science and visualization that I've ever read.+Mike Bostock shows many different ways to visualize algorithms for everything from visual sampling to shuffling to generating mazes. But far from being just a gallery, he talks about the different kinds of information which different visualizations can produce, the things they can help us understand better and the ways they can mislead us, and generally, how to use visualization in order to better understand not only data, but the processes by which we understand data.

If you ever spend time manipulating data or algorithms and looking for patterns, you should go read this. 

h/t +Richard Smith-Unna for finding this gem.

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Ich dachte, dass das Konzept so gedacht war.

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Ich bin mir sicher, dass das nur Satire sein kann.

I'm writing a server program in C and a client in Java. I have got nearly everything I want working correctly but am completely stuck on encryption. As this is for a nuclear power station they want all communications encrypted. I know how to make RSA and AES keys in both the languages, but does anyone know of a way of making either Java or C encryption keys and loading them in the other language? Trying to avoid using JNI.

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Nur für Freunde der theoretischen Informatik:
Warum Donald Knuth glaubt, dass P = NP (findet sich bei Frage 17) und 19 andere Fragen und Antworten.

To celebrate the publication of the eBooks of The Art of Computer Programming, (TAOCP), we asked several computer scientists, contemporaries, colleagues, and well-wishers to pose one question each to author Donald E. Knuth. Here are his answers.
Twenty Questions for Donald Knuth

This set of questions and answers was great (and it looks like TAOCP is now available in eBook form).

Woran man erkennt, dass man in einer Softwarefirma arbeitet?
Auf die Frage Was steht denn dazu in der Dokumentation? hin lachen alle und keiner findet das ungewöhnlich oder bedenklich.

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Das Schöne an der Informatik ist ja, dass sie auch hervorragend geeignet ist, um dem Ottonormalverbraucher bei der Bewältigung seines Alltags zur Seite zu stehen.
Beispiel: effizientes Handling von Wäsche (Spezialfall: Socken)
Amazing how many different computer science concepts can come into play when matching socks (hashing, sorting, parallelism, contention, and the pigeon hole principle are all discussed)

H/t to Hacker News

Heute gelernt: Man kann die 0800 Nummer zu Windows-Produktaktivierung über ein Mobiltelefon nutzen, wenn man die Rufnummer unterdrückt (normalerweise wird man dann mit dem Hinweis abgewürgt, dass das aus Mobilfunknetzen nicht möglich sei).

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Soso, die digitale Zombieapokalypse steht bevor...

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Die entsprechenden Interessenverbände sind natürlich angemessen eingeschnappt:
“What they have looked at is systematic trials for named conditions when that is not how homoeopathy works,” he said.

Homoeopathy worked on the principle of improving a person’s overall health and wellness, and research such as a seven-year study conducted in Switzerland was a better measure of its usefulness, he said.

Diese swiss study ist ein Juwel - das  Schweizer Bundesamt für Gesundheit, in dessen Namen die Studie durchgeführt wurde, kommentiert das so In December 2010 the advisory commission again came to the conclusion that for all five CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) methods, the proof of efficacy, effectiveness, appropriateness and cost impact was not convincing enough
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