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#NightShift   for #iPhone   

IOS 9.3 has just started rolling out - one of the new features is designed to help you get a good nights sleep.

We've all heard that we shouldn't use phones and computer screens before bed because the blue light will stop us from winding down towards sleep. Night Shift is designed to adjust those blue tones to warmer yellows, allowing us to enjoy our nightly FaceBook fix and still get a good nights sleep.

Night Shift can be programmed to come on at a certain time at night (switching off the next morning), and you an adjust the strength of the effect with the "warmer...cooler" slider. It warns that it may effect the quality of some onscreen motion, but some people who've already tried it do feel that they had a better nights sleep using it.

To Access Night Shift you will need to do the IOS 9.3 update. (If you don't have a notification to update yet you can still grab it in Settings, General, Software Updates.)

After that, go to Settings, Display and Brightness and choose Night Shift. You can switch Night Shift on manually every night (preferably close to sunset) or set up a scheduled time for it to start and end. Use the slider to adjust the colour as far as you are comfortable with - you can always turn it up a bit more later, once you are used to the new yellow tones.

Night Shift does have some problems working with Low Power Mode - there's a handy video tutorial for getting them to work together if you are interested :)

Has anyone tried it yet? What did you think?
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3 Un-Locky Strikes this week #VirusAlert  

We've had 3 customers hit just this week by the Locky Virus - below is the email we've sent to all of our clients to try to keep them safe. Feel free to share it if you know anyone who might be at risk :)

Hi all,
This is a special warning to all of our clients this week – we are under heavy attack from the Locky virus with 3 clients hit just this week, and many more over the past few weeks.
This is one of the nasty viruses where you lose all of your files. If your backup is plugged in to your network it will also take out the backup.
This virus is turning up in a lot of different formats, so even people who are normally careful could be at risk. These guys send out millions of emails and eventually just by pure chance they will hit on something that looks legitimate to you when it comes in.
Eg – one client came back from holidays to see an overdue AGL energy bill. She’d been away for a while and was busy catching up so she worried that she’d forgotten to pay it….
Eg – another client arranged for a photo to be sent to him, the email came in shortly after the phone call and it said “Here is your photo” …
Before opening any emails :
Stop and check “Is this my gas company”, “Is that my friends email address” , “Did I use this email address for my parcel” etc
Double check before opening any attachments. Do not open .zip files, do not Enable Macros and be very careful even with .xls, .doc and .pdf files as the virus is coming in these formats too.
If the email asks you to click on any links you can hover your mouse over the link to see the real address – often this will show you that the website is taking you to the virus website rather than the company they are pretending to be.
Make sure your antivirus is up to date! Sometimes the antivirus will catch it, or at least stop it part way through the decryption. One client only lost files up to the letter D before the virus got stopped by his antivirus.
Make sure you have a backup that is not connected to your network eg a rotating backup, an offline backup, a thumb drive that is not plugged in…
If you aren’t sure about your backup or antivirus give Dave a call.
Make sure all staff members are aware of the current attack, and feel free to pass this email along to any of your friends or family who might be at risk.
We always post about current viruses (and other handy computer tips) on our GooglePlus and FaceBook pages, and we’d love you to follow the page and stay up to date.    
Thanks all and we hope you all stay safe!
Dave and Jen
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Anyone use Uber?

Apparently they've added a safety feature so you can track when and where your family (or friends) are getting a ride.

If you're a regular user it might be good to have an Uber buddy :)
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Poor Dave was up until 3am but he managed to get some of the photos back for a customer hit by the Locky Virus :) Its always nice to have a win :)

This poor client had just uploaded and deleted all the photos from her phones and USB's to her laptop so she could organise them and do a proper back up next week... and Locky wiped the laptop before she could back it up :(

Saving people from stories like this is the reason we post so many warnings about viruses and reminders to back up :)

Safe computing :)
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Locky Virus Doing the Rounds ‪#‎VirusAlert‬

We've had a couple of customers hit by the Locky virus in the last week so make sure all staff (and parents) are staying vigilant - Locky is one of the nasty ones and recovering your files is usually impossible :(

The Locky email tells you that you have an invoice attached in Word format and is usually called something like "invoice_J-17105013.doc"
The good news is that even if you open the Word document you'll only see a scrambled screen and a request to "ENABLE MACROS if the text is unreadable" - Do NOT enable the macros (repeat ‪#‎DONOTENABLEMACROS‬ !)

If you've stopped before hitting the enable button you are safe - delete the email and attachment and run a virus scan.

As with other ‪#‎Ransomware‬ a good backup and a suspicious mind are your best insurances against getting caught smile emoticon

If you'd like to read more Bleeping Computers have some screenshots.…/the-locky-ransomware-enc…/

Safe Computing,

Jen and Dave
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Lol :) Thanks to +cktechconnect inc for this one :)
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Hope everyone is enjoying the school holidays :)
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School holiday time - Dave took the kids along to one of his clients :)

Lots of memories with this client - the business belonged to Jen's Dad before he retired, and the new owners have been using #HelpMeDave   for  over 10 years :)
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