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Why I'm Moving I Moved My Blog To Google+

In my last article, I shared with you that I'm in the process of moving my blog over to this Google+ page full time, and exclusively. I wanted to devote an entire article as to the why behind it, because there's a lot that went into this decision.

It's not like my blog is that big of a deal to begin with. I joked that I have like 3 readers of my blog and that anything I write pretty much gets ignored and undiscovered in the vastness that is the blogosphere anyway.

However, if you'll bear with me, I'd be happy to share with you the major reasons behind moving my blog over to Google+ exclusively.

1. I'm Lazy. Yeah, I figured I'd start off with a huge doze of reality right off the bat. I'm not lazy in the negative sense, I'm lazy in the I don't have time to mess with stuff sense. I have a life. I've got a wife and kids, I've got interests outside of blogging (like my beautiful roadster), and I'd much rather spend my precious little time doing stuff I enjoy instead of doing stuff I dread.

My blog is currently on Wordpress. It's self-hosted on a shared hosting account. The server is plenty fast, I've optimized the server for some pretty fast load times, and I've done all I can to tweak and compress the crap out of Wordpress so it loads fast.

 However, as with any self-hosted solution, it requires care and feeding. It requires updates to new versions, patches, etc. These are things I'm not interested in doing for my blog any longer.

My blog is an aside, it's an outlet for what I really like to do, which is write. However, I'm spending more time securing and updating Wordpress than I am actually writing. Moving to Google+ takes away all distraction and allows me to do what I enjoy doing, writing. It also allows me to have a life.

So, in that I'm lazy, I prefer to have stuff that just works, with minimal intervention or maintenance. With Google+ as my blog, it just works, and I'm not the one having to drop what I'm doing to update, upgrade, or maintain. Done. Easy.

2. It's Secure. Yes, it really is. I have two-factor authentication enabled, and as far as I know, that's pretty hard to bypass. I wrote articles about two-factor authentication on my personal Google+ page sharing the benefits of enabling such a feature.

Right now, my Wordpress site gets attacked several hundred times a day. I have security software running on it that tells me whenever someone is trying to guess my password or use some sneaky method to trick my Wordpress site into sending them the change password link. While it doesn't work, my fear is that one day it might.

With Google+, my content is protected by the same security measures as my email, my cloud services, and all my other Google services.  While some doubters and naysayers may say that's not very secure, and that's not a 100% guaranteed solution, I would say that I feel better knowing my content is stored on Google's ecosystem.

Call me silly or shortsighted, but hey, I can live with it. The best thing is, that it's all there and taken care of for me. Two-factor authentication is pretty hard to beat, and well, see number 1 above. It sure beats me having to install plugins, monitor the alerts, then drop everything to make sure they're not chipping away at the gates that protect the castle.

3. It's Minimal. I touched on this briefly in item 1 as well, but the minimal interface offers ease, and speed. I can format text, but only a few different ways. That's a good thing. I can get my point across without fussing with typefaces and code that can get messed up, making the text on my blog look funky.

Then, when that happens, I'd have to find the offending code or plugin that's causing it and fix it. Why have to do all that when all I want to do is write?

Add to that pictures and text, forget it, it's an all day affair just posting one article. With Google+, writing an article is just about the writing. I can share a photo and/or a link to a website and I'm done.

If you were to go to my blog at, you'd notice that the blog hasn't been updated in a year. Yet, if you go to my Google+ personal profile page, my Twitter feed, even my Facebook page, you'd see I'm way more active on there.

Reason is, with social media, I can just write and share stuff, without a lot of time needed to futz over how it looks. With Google+ as my blog, I can write, and attach a photo, even attach a photo album if I want, link to an article or some web content, and share it out. Easy. Done.

Plus, I can truly write anywhere and on any device. I have Google+ on my browser, my phone, and my tablets. I can write from anywhere.

Now, to be fair, if I went all in and really tricked out my Wordpress site, I'm sure I could blog while mobile, and I'm sure my formatting times could be cut down if I spent some time tweaking the code that formats the site... but the thing with Google+ is that I don't have to.

I can link, write, post. Or, I can write, link, post. Or, I can share content from Internet, add thoughts or comments, post. Too easy.

And since I don't have any grand SEO aspirations and I know I'm not going to make any money blogging, I just don't need all the hassle that goes into creating even one post on a self-hosted content management system. Again, see item 1 above. ;-)

4. I was inspired. As I was researching on the Internet to see if anyone had done this before, I came across this ComputerWorld article from +Mike Elgan

Mike has been a longtime Google+ evangelist, and he took the plunge. I've read several of his articles about how flexible Google+ is as a social platform, and after reading his article about moving his blog to Google+ I was all in.

5. It Was Time.  Sometimes something just feels right, and moving my blog to Google+ felt right the moment I thought about doing it.

Sadly, my blog had become this unused old toy that just sits in the closet neglected. The content is old, and every time I went to the site to update it, I kept thinking, "You know I should write some new content for it." Then I'd tell myself that this Saturday morning (any Saturday for that matter), I'm going to sit down with a cup of coffee and write.

The thing is, writing in a blog is so deliberate, and so wrapped in process for formatting, adding photos, keywords, etc., that it's more than just a Saturday morning ritual... it's a few hours at least.

Again, as I'm not out to set the world on fire with SEO magic, or make my living from blogging, I can just share what I want and write whenever I want as a spontaneous act when everything is on social media.

 I'm not the kind of guy that snaps photos and shares them the instant I take them, but I'm also not the kind of guy that has 2 to 4 hours on a Saturday to spend getting out one article. I have to feel like I can write, share, opine, rant, do whatever, at the moment I'm feeling it.

Again, the volume of my social media contributions outweighs my blog contributions by an immeasurable amount. So, yeah, it's time to just make the move and embrace what works for me.

Don't get me wrong, I have a couple of articles that are first page of Google searches, but that wasn't because of my SEO acumen, or even because I set out to do that.

My "About" page that nobody reads on my blog even says I was deliberately doing it all the hard way as an experiment to see if my blog would get noticed. I wasn't going to sprinkle any SEO magic dust on my articles, and wanted them the be found truly organically and by word of mouth.

So, to a large degree, my experiment worked and good content bubbled to the surface. However, as someone who likes to write, I'd like to contribute more often than once in a blue moon.

And, therefore, this is the way to get that done without feeling like it's a chore.

A Final Thought

So, I hope this shed some light on my rationale behind this, and while I'm not trying to convince anyone, I wonder if my sharing my reasons for doing this echo anyone else's sentiments when it comes to writing/blogging.

The origin of the word "blog" comes from weblog, which was meant to journal or chronicle a project, an initiative, or even a period of time. To me, taking my blog to social media full time bring back the purpose and meaning of "blogging" back to it's roots. At least for me.

So, have you done something similar? Share in the comments below. Would you not do something like this ever? Please do share below, I'd love to hear your perspective on this as well.


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Gmail Android app puts all your email in one place

Great news for Gmail users who have been waiting for a more unified inbox. The latest update will allow you to consolidate all your email boxes to a single Gmail app (even if you have other email addresses with other services).

The latest update allows you to see all your emails, regardless of which inbox it's from, in a single consolidated inbox. And, of course, not to worry, you can also go to each of your inboxes within Gmail to see just the emails from that account, so that you won't have to worry about not knowing what email is from which inbox.

I'm going to test the app to see if it truly supports multiple email signatures so that I can tie an email signature that would be specific to each email account I'd be replying from. If I'm able to do this, then for me, Gmail will have truly achieved a unified inbox to where I can check all my emails, regardless of which account they're in, on a single app. 

How about you? Do you long for a single app to rule all your email? Do you already leverage a unified inbox solution? If so, let me know in the comments. Thanks!
Google's latest update to the Android version of the app added a new "all inboxes" view and improved the way email threads are organized.


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How To Easily Blog Without Knowing How To Blog

If you've ever thought about starting a blog, but don't know where to start, this article is for you. You may have heard that blogging isn't for amateurs, and that in order to do a blog the right way you'd have to learn and master the following:

• How to PROPERLY write an article.  Technique is everything and if you don't have the proper technique, your blog is doomed to major sucktitude.

• How to code and design your blog so that people will appreciate it's look and feel. If you don't learn how to code and design your blog, your blog is doomed to major sucktitude.

• How to utilize search engine optimization, or SEO. Because if you don't master the technique used by the experts to trick the search engines into getting your blog into the top search results, your blog is doomed to major sucktitude.

• How to monetize your blog. Because if you don't learn the fine art of monetizing, or making money from your blog, you'll be shamed by experts and wannabes alike for "wasting your time" on something that should otherwise make you money. Therefore, dooming your blog to major sucktitude.

Ok, so by now, perhaps you've picked up on my less-than-subtle sarcasm here. Blogging, just like anything else, has it's levels of mastery. There are those that blog because they like to write, or share, or both, and they don't care who reads it or responds or comments. Then there are those that will write and share and expect some kind of response as a form of validation and will promptly give up if they don't get enough of it or fast enough. 

Then, there are those that are experts, who make a full time living blogging, and will even offer to sell you high-prices courses to teach you how to do the same. The thing is, the odds are stacked against you actually making a full time living blogging.

Sorry Folks, Lot Is Full

Why? Because it's been done to death. Just like anything else that has the potential to make money, it's been done to death, it's saturated, overcrowded, and chock full of people who have dreams of making it big, but relatively few actually do. 

Ok, before you start to flame me with negative comments, and call me a dream-crusher, hear me out first. I'm not saying this to be negative. I'm putting this in context for you. If you look at acting, singing, painting, novel writing, anything creative, aren't those already saturated markets, regardless of the medium? 

The same with blogging. It's a crowded, saturated, overflowing market that will certainly allow you to make your mark, but doesn't apologize if you don't get noticed among the millions that are also trying to get noticed.

So, with all that, should you really blog? My answer is a resounding YES! But, instead of starting a blog and putting pressure on yourself to succeed at it, do this one thing beforehand. Decide WHY you want to start a blog.

But WHY Do I Need To Know WHY?

The WHY is extremely important. It will determine your level of commitment. And your level of commitment will determine your level of effort that you're willing to put into your blog.

For example, if your WHY is to start a blog so you can express yourself creatively in your writing or perhaps your photography, or film-making, or drawing, you've got a great outlet in which to do that. So, if you want an outlet for your creativity, how much effort are you willing to put into that outlet?

And, what is your goal? If your goal is to simply "make money" by putting up a blog, I'm sorry to say, you probably won't succeed. How come? Because when money is the goal, the commitment and the level of effort needed just don't last.

However, when your goal is to write because you'd rather spend every waking moment writing, then your commitment and level of effort will match your desire. That's because when you're pursuing your passion, the work (the effort) doesn't feel like work. It's pleasure, your pursuit of showcasing your writing via your blog isn't a chore. It's a means of relaxation, of relief, of bliss. 

In other words, are you doing this for you, or are you doing this because of what you feel it should get you?

Avoid Another Dead-End Job

Think about it this way. If money was the sole reason we did something, why do so many people dread going to work every day? Because it's a JOB. A job is usually a chore. However, there are many that are blessed to be doing the job or have the career of their dreams. Therefore, they don't feel like it's a chore. There's an old saying, "Do what you love, and you'll never work a day in your life."

Yet, not everyone is that lucky, are they?

Starting a blog for purely monetary reasons is no different than going and getting a job just to pay the bills. Instead, if you can identify why you want to start a blog, and put your passion ahead of your financial goals, you won't be disappointed and you won't put undue pressure on yourself.

Is this always true? Do people only succeed when they don't pursue money? No. Some people's drive to attain wealth is so great, they would be willing to do whatever it takes. My point here is that if you make your purpose of blogging about you and not about the money you MAY make, you'll have more fun, and an easier time getting started.

Tune In Next Time

Since there's no way I can keep this article short enough without making it a novel, I'm going to split it up into smaller chunks and make it a series. So, if you click the "+1" button, I'll add you to my circle called "Blogging and Social Media" and I'll share with you what I've learned and how you can easily blog without knowing how to blog. 

So, if you're interested, click the "+1" button and I'll look forward to sharing with you some good tips on how to quickly and easily get started blogging.
Pretty cool, and practical in that it skips the middleman by eliminating the "box" and goes from UI device straight to monitor.
AWESOME !! This Mouse-box has an entire PC inside it — All You Need Is A Monitor. Checkout the Hardware details:

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This Post is For Bloggers and Users of Social Media

If you're a social media user, come over to my blog at and click the "+1" button for this post to be added to my Blogging and Social Media circle.

As an example, I just shared some content on how to vastly improve your Facebook feed that only members of that circle can see.

I'll be sharing content exclusively with just members of that circle that can help improve their blogging and social media experience. Hints and tips to maximize social media, ways to get the most out of blogging, and even how-to videos are some of the things I'll be sharing with my readers who are in that circle.

So, if you'd like to learn how to better leverage blogging and social media to build your brand, or to simply be safer online as a casual user, click the "+1" button and I'll be sure to include you.

Look forward to sharing some great content with you!

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5 Ways to Speed Up Your Windows PC

The article below is definitely some great advice to help speed up your PC. The good news is that all of these suggestions won't take long to do. You could probably take care of all of these on a Saturday morning, be done well before lunchtime, and still have the rest of your day left.

Hope this helps!
Want to speed up your Windows PC? This handy MTE guide will help your Windows PC run as smooth and fast as the day you first set it up.
THIS IS SPARTAN! New Microsoft Browser Unveiled In Latest Build of Windows 10

Sorry, couldn't resist the nod to the movie 300. In any case, it looks like Microsoft has unveiled the much-anticipated project Spartan web browser that is aimed to replace the Jar Jar Binks of browsers, Internet Explorer.

While the Internet Explorer browser will still remain a part of the Windows operating system, it'll mostly be used for corporate applications. The general consumer experience, however, will be driven by Spartan.

 While I have my own opinions on Internet Explorer, having been a user of that browser since it's very first versions, I'm just glad to see that under new leadership, Microsoft finally got the memo that they had the capability to build a better browser.

 Now, lets just hope Spartan is everything we hope it is.
Microsoft is releasing a preview of its Internet Explorer successor, Project Spartan, today. The new browser, which will be the default web experience in Windows 10, is part of an update to the PC...


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Be Someone's Miracle

I saw a video a little while back that inspired me to write this article. It was a video of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers spending a day on a boat with kids who lost parents in Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm not a Green Bay fan per se, but after seeing the video, I certainly have a new-found respect for Aaron Rodgers.

He took his time to help brighten the day of a few kids who have probably had to endure one of the worst things a child should ever have to endure, losing a parent to war.

The video literally broke my heart, but also made me feel good to know that someone did something to help these kids hurt just a little less for one day.

As I watched the video, I was also reminded of a talk I gave over two decades ago at church one Sunday. When I was asked to give a talk, I was told it could be about any topic I wanted. That didn't help me much at the time, because I had no idea what to talk about. By that time, even though I was only in my 20's, I myself had already served in war (and would later serve in war again in my 30's.), yet what could I possibly talk about that could be "inspiring" to others?

Then it came to me out of nowhere. And much like what Aaron Rodgers did for those children, I spoke about what we can all do for others. The topic of my talk at church I decided to call "Be The Miracle".

At the time, I was suffering from some terrible nightmares and flashbacks from my time in Desert Storm. I was part of an operation that saw some action up close and personal, and at age 21, I was struggling with what I had seen out there. Back then, there weren't many programs to help deal with the horrors of war like there are now, so as a result, I was suffering in silence.

Even though I was going through those things, I changed my mindset and instead of focusing on what I was going through, I wondered what other people must be going through in their everyday lives. Not just those that served in war, but those that are going through life.

People that lost a job. People that are having a hard time making ends meet. People that lost a loved one and have no one to talk to. Those that drop out of sight, regardless of the reason, but so many of us are too busy to call or stop by just to be sure they're ok.

So, in my talk, I encouraged those listening to my talk, and myself included, to see that we ourselves have the power of miracles within ourselves. We can be someone's miracle by being a person that others can count on in their time of need. Sometimes, we can appear just in the nick of time, before someone feels there's no hope left, and we can give them that hope.

Miracles can happen every day, it's not just exclusive to religious stories. That's because as people, we ourselves hold the power to change others' lives. Whether we do it for good or for bad is up to us. If we stop to think about it, that's a lot of power we have within us. Sometimes we take that for granted, or we choose to do nothing with it.

Instead, if we can be thinking more of how we can help others, maybe we'll inspire others to do the same. Or maybe, just maybe, we save a life by someone rethinking a terrible decision to hurt themselves.

It may seem futile to help others as we're not all celebrities, and it may not seem as big of a deal as it someone famous visits a fan in a hospital. Yes, a big deal tends to get made when someone famous reaches out and shows caring to others. Yes, the little boy in the Aaron Rodgers video was super-excited to meet a famous NFL quarterback. That's awesome, that boy deserves something good in life; actually many good things in his life.

The girls in the video didn't really know he was, nor are they football fans. However, they did have someone take them on a boat for a day, and made the day about them. He listened and talked with them, and there were no distractions to take them away from being the priority of the day.

We don't need to be famous to do that. We just need to care enough to be willing to do it. We can be the miracle. We just have to look past ourselves for a moment, and think about who else may be suffering more than we are and then make that effort to show that someone you care.

When we help others, we too help ourselves. We feel good that we brought about something positive in the world, and that can be very positive all the way around.

Below is the link to that video, and for me, it was very profound and touching. Will you try to be a miracle for someone today? I have faith in you that you will. Thank you for being a miracle to others.

#faith #hope #love #miracles #helpingothers
The latest NFL news, rumors, scores, schedules, predictions, picks against the spread, free agent updates, power rankings, mock drafts and more


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Just For Beginners: Installing Free And Effective Antivirus Software

Here's a great tip for those that don't consider themselves computer experts. Installing a good and effective anti-virus is essential, and something you should do right away if you haven't already.

Not being an "expert" is no reason to skip having a good anti-virus on your computer. Experts and non-experts alike can get virus and malware on their computers, so it's best to be prepared.

As such, here's a real easy way to get that done. Hope this helps!
Anyone running a Windows computer knows how important it is to have good anti-virus software--but you don't need to pay for good protection! If someone you know still doesn't have anti-virus software running, here's a quick guide you can send them to help them set it up.


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Find the Right Laptop for You with This Interactive Comparison Chart

Just think, you no longer have to ask that socially awkward relative which laptop they'd recommend for you; only to have to sit through an hour's worth of unrelated questions, just to land on a laptop that doesn't meet any of your needs.

Behold, an interactive laptop comparison chart! You can now review in the comfort of your own home, without said awkward relatives comparing different models of laptop to various J.R.R. Tolkien characters.

As well, it wouldn't hurt for you to look through to see all the models that are there, so you can also understand the difference between an Ultrabook, a Chromebook, a notebook, and a netbook.

Hope this helps!
Whether you're in the market for an ultrabook or a true-to-form laptop, finding the perfect one can be tough. This expansive chart lets you filter memory, screen resolution, screen size, weight, and other specs for easy comparisons.
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How To Spot, And Avoid, Ads Disguised As Download Buttons

Thought this would be helpful for most...


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Google Safety Tips Offers a Primer in Online Security

Google is offering some easy to understand tips on how to be safer online. With Google, they don't take up too much of your time with their tutorials, so it's definitely worth checking out this article from Lifehacker on how this can benefit you.

Like I keep saying, hackers are getting better at what they do all the time, so you should get better at how you protect yourself online, or else you could possibly be making things very easy for the wrong people.

Hope this helps! :-)
Google has offered tips for how to use its service for a while. A newly-added section now provides online security tips. This is useful if you want to check out your own account, or teach someone else the basics.
Learn how to use everyday technology to make your life easier
Hi and welcome to my blog! Yup, I said blog. I'm using Google+ exclusively as my blogging platform, and I'm loving the simplicity and ease at which I can focus on writing. 

My name is Jay Medina, and I’m a lifelong technology professional.  I’ve been in the IT world for all of my adult life, and I’m absolutely in love with what I do.  I’m also passionate about technology and addicted to it at the same time.

I’m hoping that perhaps my passion for technology and my lifelong learning can translate into something helpful and useful for you, my dear reader.  This blog is kind of my way of giving back, but it’s also a sort of a message in a bottle.  In other words, I’m glad to impart knowledge, ideas, and even opinions, the question is, is anyone actually reading it?

My new blog is both an outlet and an experiment to find out if anyone is out there.  In fact, to add a little spice to things, I’m going to make it even harder on myself by ignoring all the rules, complications, tweaks, and tricks that are supposed to take place when trying to get a blog noticed.

Yeah, it’s called SEO and I plan to ignore all the rules regarding it - hence my move to Google+.  Instead, I prefer to focus on my writing, and to helping you, should you be one who reads my blog.  I’m not going to employ any tricks or tactics to get people to find me on the web.  My feeling is that if my content is good, entertaining, helpful, and solid, people will find me somehow.

So, as I’m not deliberately trying to get people to my site, that doesn’t mean I don’t want anyone to actually read my blog.  In fact, the opposite is true.  I plan to write from the heart, about topics that are somewhat technical, but helpful to the average reader, across varying skill levels.  From the complete novice to the seasoned expert.

Hopefully there’s something for everybody here, and if there is, that is how my readership will grow.  I’m counting on someone just like you to let others know about this blog.

So now, in an effort to be completely open and up front, let’s talk about links and products and recommendations.  This blog is not a fake marketing piece for some company or entrepreneur posing as some guy who just wants to write.  Well, the some guy who just wants to write part is true, but the fake marketing thing just isn’t the focus of this blog.

With that said, there may be instances where I’ll recommend a product, will mention a product, or even suggest that you have a look at a product yourself and see if it meets your needs.  If I do that, there may be some products that are free, and some that you pay for.  Some times, I may have an affiliation with that organization and some times I may not.

For the times that I do have an affiliation with the company or product I’m writing about, I’ll be sure to place a link to that product with the words “My Affiliate Link Is Here:” for you to see clearly.  The reason I do that is because if you do click an affiliate link of mine, I’ll get some sort of compensation from that company or person with whom I’m affiliated.

See, I told you, I’m breaking all the rules here by not hiding my affiliations.  The reason I’m doing that is because even if I have an affiliation with that company, I don’t want to hide that because if I am recommending something or making you aware of it, I may or may not have used that product.  So, I want you to decide for yourself if it is worth it to you to click a link and investigate for yourself.

My recommendation or mentioning of a product is not driven by the few cents I would make on a commission if the product is actually purchased, it’s recommended by whether or not that product, whatever it is, would actually be useful to you in some way.

It has to have context, it has to have meaning, it has to solve a problem and it has to be useful.  It can’t be and won’t be some random product that has nothing to do with the discussion taking place on this blog.

Well, as I’ve said before, usually this is the least read page of any blog.  Hopefully you’ve taken the time to read it, so that you can get to know me a little better, and I can perhaps inspire you to look around, read some postings, and engage in some discussion.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and if my message in a bottle has been received, let others know, engage in discussion, and most of all, just say hi.

Best regards,