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Helps patients use community-based fundraising to meet uncovered medical expenses
Helps patients use community-based fundraising to meet uncovered medical expenses

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Why did you choose Help Hope Live over a for-profit crowdfunding site like GoFundMe or YouCaring? Whatever your reasons, we’re glad you did. If our nonprofit has helped you, #payitforward by sharing the Help Hope Live Advantage with other families facing a medical crisis who may need our fundraising support. Save and share these images!
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Engineers at UCSD believe they can make traditional bone marrow transplants obsolete by using lab-grown synthetic bone marrow. No more post-transplant meds with side effects. No need for donor marrow. Amazing! #hopeis 

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Freddie Hale had been waiting three years for a lifesaving transplant to fight diabetes-related kidney failure. “Then came my miracle.” Freddie’s co-worker, Tia, felt moved to get tested, and she learned she was a match.

“I have no reservations,” says Tia. “There is a peace. I can do this. I’m going to do this. Because it’s Freddie.” Not only has Freddie’s co-worker stepped up to save his life, but the entire staff and management of the Lowe's in Nampa where he works has come together to be there for him in his time of need. Freddie fundraises with Help Hope Live for the Northwest Kidney Transplant Fund. Fundraising can help transplant candidates to cover out-of-pocket costs related to living donation. #hopeis

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“My poor sleep habits became even worse after my son was injured. Even though I knew the medical staff was excellent, it was hard for me to leave my son’s hospital room. Then the schedule at home meant I went to bed late and would wake up in the early hours of the morning to care for him. Eventually, I became so exhausted that when I finally did go back to sleep, I would sleep so hard that if my son needed me and called my cell phone, he would have to call several times before I would wake up.”

Being a caregiver is never easy. Read these excellent tips for exhausted caregivers from Bard Care UK, and remember that fundraising could help you relieve the financial burden of a medical crisis so you have more time for self-care.

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Have you ever experienced this? Stress can extend the time it takes to heal a wound by 25% or more. “After surgery, anxiety and depression can make pain worse – and pain can slow your healing.” Fundraising with our nonprofit can even help to relieve the financial burden of surgery so you can recover more quickly. #WhyWeFundraise 

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When struggling with a medical crisis, “sometimes people are very private and don’t share it. Just tell people what’s going on in your life. If you tell people about your [situation], you’ll be surprised who comes out of the woodwork to help you.” This #hopetip comes to us from Dr. Jennifer Verbesey at +MedStar Georgetown University Hospital.

Now is a great time to ask your Help Hope Live Fundraising Coordinator about updating your appeal letter and letting the community know about your medical challenges. The more you share, the more others will connect with your story and feel moved to help you fundraise.

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"On May 31, 2016, I was admitted to the University of Maryland Medical Center to receive a bone marrow transplant in the hopes of going into remission from multiple myeloma. Today, I am engaged to be married, and my cancer is in complete remission.

This year on May 31, I will turn 50 and my daughter will turn 21. We plan on really celebrating our joint birthdays and my new birthday since I have this chance at new life."

Don't miss this incredible story from our first Touched by Transplant New Life contest winner, Kellie Murphy. #hopeis

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May is National Mobility Awareness Month, and we know why #MobilityMatters. Fundraising can help people like you to access:

…wheelchairs and power chairs that are must-have sources of mobility support.

…physical therapy or exercise-based rehabilitation that increases or helps you to retain your balance, range of motion, and strength.

…home renovations that make it possible to live and move comfortably in your own house.

…accessible transportation that puts careers, college, social events, and medical travel within reach.

…medications and ongoing medical care that safeguard or increase your motion.

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