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Helmut Tschemernjak
IT Marketing | Client-Server networking | UNIX+Mac+Windows+iOS | Programing in C/C++, Java, Web | Color Management | Standard Dancing | Global politics and financial markets
IT Marketing | Client-Server networking | UNIX+Mac+Windows+iOS | Programing in C/C++, Java, Web | Color Management | Standard Dancing | Global politics and financial markets

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* DNSSEC – Domain Name System Security Extensions*

Apple File System
Our team tested the upcoming Apple File System (aka APFS) which is probably the most important macOS innovation that Apple will release this year. The APFS snapshot feature allows making intermediate backups of macOS disks to retrieve earlier versions of the data or to switch back to an earlier version.

I believe everyone has experienced installing a newer application (e.g.: Adobe Creative Suite or macOS system updates or upgrades) and suddenly some things don’t work anymore and we just want to get back to our working Mac, let’s say from some days ago. This dream comes true with the upcoming Apple File System.

Our team has done extensive testing with the new Apple File System including creation of more than 500 snapshots, working with millions of files, and retrieving older data, as well as switching back to an earlier version. We also tested the HELIOS server solutions running on top of APFS which works fine with all Mac, Windows, Web and mobile clients.

What is your opinion on APFS?

Telekom hacking – a homemade problem

Earlier this week, Deutsche Telekom suffered from millions of DSL router outages. Hackers had been able to crash their router software in a big scale. The problem has been resolved by software updates.

The real problem is that Deutsche Telekom nowadays is a marketing organization rather than an engineering company. They use plenty of telecommunication routing equipment from dozens of suppliers which means nobody has a clue what kind of backdoors and security holes are included in these devices. This is the problem of outsourcing everything in many industry sectors including telecom companies, instead of using self-engineered firmware for these mass-market devices.

At HELIOS we can guarantee that every single server module in our turnkey server products has been developed and compiled by HELIOS Software engineers. We stay on top of these kinds of problems and don’t deliver foreign black box software modules in our server solutions.


Hackerangriff auf die Deutsche Telekom – ein hausgemachtes Problem

Anfang dieser Woche hatte die Deutsche Telekom den Ausfall von Millionen von DSL-Routern zu beklagen. Hacker konnten die Router-Software in großem Stil lahmlegen. Das Problem konnte mit Hilfe eines Softwareupdates behoben werden.

Dabei liegt das eigentliche Problem darin, dass die Deutsche Telekom heutzutage eher eine Marketing-Organisation als ein technisches Unternehmen mit eigener Entwicklung ist. Die Router für die Telekommunikation kommen von Dutzenden von Zulieferern, was dazu führt, dass niemand wirklich genau weiß, welche Hintertürchen und Sicherheitslöcher in diesen Geräten schlummern. In vielen Industriebereichen bringt das Outsourcing anstelle der Eigenentwicklung der Firmware für Massenprodukte dieses Problem mit sich, so auch im Telekom-Sektor.

Wir bei HELIOS können garantieren, dass jedes einzelne Servermodul in unseren schlüsselfertigen Serverprodukten von HELIOS Softwareingenieuren entwickelt und kompiliert wurde. Wir haben die oben genanten Probleme im Griff und verwenden keine fremden „Black-Box“-Softwaremodule in unseren Serverlösungen.


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HELIOS Document Hub for Android released

Our Document Hub for Android is now available. Document Hub 2.0 enables mobile users to securely and conveniently access documents on their company file server. The Android version of Document Hub offers the same feature set as the iOS version for iPhone and iPad. This means that companies can now securely integrate mobile users into their network, to access documents, and for file synchronization. Document previews and Spotlight search make it quick and easy to find desired files.

I am glad that we have now an Anroid version available.


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Western Digital (formerly SanDisk) 8TB SSD module, box has 64 slots which results into 512TB storage.

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President Obama in Hollywood, roads are closed.

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HELIOS at the SMPTE2016 event, we are ready.

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Vortrag über Gravitationswellen-Astronomie bei Arduino Hannover

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