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You have to visit Uruguay Nadia,we have some great photos to take too :) try Cabo Polonio,Monte de Ombues or Barra de Valizas.
Uruguay is very close to argentina. And the tickets from buenos aires to montevideo are not expensive. Its 4 or 5 hours on boat and bus. made me dream more Carlos LoL.. the only thing I have to deal with visa...I have to apply for argentina...chile is free visa for indonesia :) I will see....Paraguay also I don't need any visa lol no idea about Uruguay :)
I dont think you need visa for uruguay or maybe is the same that for argentina. we can cross to argentina and brazil from here witout any visa.
and im sorry for may bad inglish. we speak spanish here :) you will have to practice speak some spanish if you come
No worries Carlos :) will see what come up with my visa situation :) ...and I will be in Argentina :D
well,i hope you enjoy south america :)
Wauw wat een mooie diepte werking .
Yoli lp
Wow maravillosa imagen un uen trabajo me gusta saludos un buen fin de semana
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