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to get in to this point of view I had to fight with 1159 stairs and it was crazy steep lol
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divine point of view
divine landscape ...
I'm still trying to convince my family to go to China for an extended vacation. This super photo will certainly help improve my chances! :)
Fantastic shot, well done the effort was worth it.
But it was well worth it! Wow what a scenery!
It is a fantastic part of the world. So many different vistas pending which peak you climb, always new discoveries.
Good exercise and the reward was worth it, I'd say
hard work pays. b'cause of ur effort we r able to view so nice pic.thanks
Incredible photo. Would love to watch the sunrise from there :)
Very Cool...Thank you for your effort and picture. Good job!!
Pete R.
People see, travelers see... more. :)
makes me think of sim city
Beautiful pic... Did you use a filter?
Really that is quite a trek and what a nice picture is from the mountain top or from a hotel
thts cool... really cool..wasit tough??
this is beautiful. why don't we see that GOD is this beautiful and so much more!! nice one there, Helmy!
Damn! This shot is awesome!
what a pick,nature is always pure and fantastic
So beautiful! More than just a physical experience on this one
Beautiful! Where is this? same Question as Gene Berndt say.....
Gorgeous view.. well worth the climb ;) this shot is amazing! 
I'd definitely make a wallpaper out of that.
This is an beautiful shot. Thanks for sharing.
A very thought provoking picture.
this view worth an effort
Ven Jov
almost artificial.. so fantastic..
real life skyrim. did you find the greybeards?
must have been worth it, such a beautiful site and what a great timing for the sun :) i love pictures of mother nature. who knows how beautiful it can get and some might even take your breathe away.
I think this photo is more than worth the trouble. Great shot!
Thank you very much everyone for your comment and visit :)
Such a nice photo!
Home, beautiful home. Glad to spend my childhood in this city.
Yoli lp
Maravillosa imagen me gusta salduos un buen fin de semana
My father's birthplace !
I would just like to add in a Dragon Ball reference with those distant hills and the Capsule Corporation city below. Great Pic!
amei a foto um local para passar o resto da vida.....
oye ye kaun si langauge hai....i mean to say which type of langauge is this?????
HOLY CRAP! that is an AWESOME view! great job!
Harika ,bir görünüm(very good pic)
I've always wanted to go to China. There's a structure of really steep cliffs out in the ocean, starting with the letter P, cannot remember the name, but my friend sent me a postcard once from that area. Sounds like it's not too far from this majestic photo you just posted OP! Gorgeous! total eye candy imho! :)
На снимках автора- красивая природа Китая и выразительны лица его жителей.Very nice! Beauty of Natura!
What a beautiful morning?
Nature is wonderful gift of us!!
Such incredible light here! Wow!!
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