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Tulip Festival,Washington State
few days back I decided to visit some tulips farm before the festival end :)
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big impression, great shot, beauty colors:) Fantastic:)
It feels to me like air bag mattress, and would like to tumble while inhaling the fragrance of its flowers tulips and I feel the mired this photograph, hmmm... so beautiful I love it :-)
You can tell it is not Holland because of the mountains in the background.
Hey that is our business!
wow i wish i was there they re so pretty
it should be like a flowers country
and sing a song phoolo ke desh me ek ghar ho
Somi M
Very Nice
Thanks for showing me this farm, lovely--
Niki P
omg the flowers r beautiful
Now thats what I call tulips to infinity and beyond. nicely done
wow nice to seeeeeeeeeee,,,
it rembers me the daysssssssssss when i was enjoying in kashmir.
sumyya u also fantasticccccccccc
send me some tulips aaaaa there's no tulip in my country :((
beautiful colours !!! luv the pic <3
this is significantly intriguing,it remembers me my childhood in Iran
it was so nostalgic
So Nice.........................
wow.............datzzzz beautifulllll!!!
beautifull.................... <3
I've visited the one in the Kashmir Valley here in India, but it isn't as mag as this!
what a beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!1
sooooooooooooooooooo beautiful.................!
The Dutch would be proud,I like the coloures!
Those colors are so vivid and shadows so subtle, they look computer generated even
WOW! I would love to see that someday!
mlnd blowing really i love such colourful world created by supreme power
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty
I love this!! I could not believe it the 1st time I saw one of the tulip fields when I live in Tacoma. Just amazing!
Hu Li
So beautiful! 漂亮
wow..... its so beautiful
In Holland you can also see many of these fields every spring, very nice and colorful..
so many beautiful flowers, did it smell delicious
great i like such a nice garden it is wonderfull for walking around it
تبارک الله احسن الخالقین!
I love flowers and fields. Fields of flowers are even better.
Sorry to spoil the picture of pretty flowers: This picture hits me as really anti-ecological, unsustainable, industrial practice using a large space to grow just one thing and it is called MONOCULTURE and it doesn't last. Soon this land will be dry, and it depends directly, instead of on the sun and rain, on the love and care of the creatures around it, but on imported fertilisers and the whims of consumers thousands of miles away. Grow local stuff and keep it varied. If you can't figure out what to grow, ask someone ffrom the area. The results will much more enriching to yourself and to the land, and prettier too.
flowers make mountains silent
I have to post ones I took. We went with some friends yesterday.
wow..........its beautiful flowers
I cannot pass a tulip without stopping, Thanks for the photo
omg that reminds me of when i went to Tennessee
breathtakingly beautiful............!!!!!!!
good for you.what a fantastic experience
love pic. might have fine information on this festival and go to it.
nur ab
beautifulll ! i love flowers
just wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...
awlsom cannot explain beauty of nature n ideas of a person
It's OVERWHELMING, my favorite flower, nice shot
kashmir's tulip garden is better
Those tulips are beautiful! Was the picture shot with a Nikon? They're the best!
wow i love photography and this picture represents the beauty of nature
KumaR M
simply super this picture
Ben Rio
so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tulips Are SOOOO Pretty I Wish I Lived In Washington!
+Filip Gavrovski actually, it's washington state, just north of seattle. They have amazing tulip fields there every year.
Fule fule dhale dhale bahe kiba mridu bay [a mild breeze is blowing with touch this flowers]
The contrast of the dark sky shadowing the bright tulips looks amazing.
Very beautiful~ thanks THE CREATOR~GOD.
Our tulips are fade away, already :((
Wow! I see the beauty... far and wide, there are thousand lanterns of tulips burning brightly.
This is one of the nicest pictures I had ever saw.
I just love it.Its very beautiful.
Lisa Ng
Always wanted to visit this one. Beautiful!
My wife would love to see to see this place.
soo0o0o0o0o0o0 relixable place awooosome
Nhi L.
so pretty
v v v v v v v v v v v v v nice
How beautiful !!
I'm happy to see this photo.
wow like this palce im sure i forget all the heavy burdens in my heart.
Al Ke
very very............................................. nice
Beautiful photo! Beautiful color nd scean!
Whats better then Roses on a piano?
Tulips on a organ
Sorry couldnt Hep it :)
i find it a little comforting that people still enjoy the simple things in life
So Beautiful reminds me of my trip to madison with the bright colorful flowers everywhere!
ooo wow ...neatly arranged tulip in fields...such a great scene!!
It's a grt place to visit in Washington...
wow yaar nice pic........
Jim A
Amit Vij must have attended school in California.
Thank you for posting this pic. I have long ago attended the festival, and miss it so. It is breathtaking, miles and miles of color. I was waiting with great anticipation for someone to post a pic!

So again, thank you!
that REALLY did take my breathe away! it's gorgeous!
How lovely.. would like to be walking down that little path there.
wow amazing,thts refresh ur mind....

Overall rating
Very nice. the perspective has something of mystery.
tulips.. my personal favs.. this is wonderful!!!
Meena S
beautiful tulips!
It looks marvellous<3 Can't wait to see it.
Bellissimo, and so correct composition with the earth channel in the middle and the tulips hitting the 'thirds' rule
What do they do with all those flowers ?
thts so pretty
it must be my back garden
Horrible! Just for our delight, someone has created this monoculture of tulips by killing all other plants and evicting all animals. Another forest dead just because someone had to have these flowers. The ones that already grew in the forest weren't enough. Okay, maybe this area wasn't a forest. But this is still a fine example of human's selfishness. What right do we have to ruin the lives of other organisms just to get some DAMNED tulips!
very beautiful. I love it how it's pink, then in the background you see red and yellow!!!
Instead of tulips I with all those flowers were lavenders. (Because my name is Lavender
look its my grandma in the distance
I enjoyed visiting the festival but not the traffic leading to it. I did come away with some great photos.
i wonder who took that picture
Tin Le
Beautiful! Just added to my bucket list.
My home, far away. Thank you so much.
I remember going to them. but if you look above you.. those clouds .. forget it.San Diego has something similar and its warmer.
very nice captures ,thanx to capturer.
Wat zal ik zeggen.het landschap is wonder schoon.A Hennekij
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