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A pair of Hello Kitty ancestral portraits!
For a couple of consummate movers and shakers, there's no place like home -- wherever that may be.
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hello kitty ma quando te ne vai in pensioneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee che sei antipatica a tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
+Hello Kitty so cool,, i like to see Antiques show.. loved Hello Kitty so much...
c'mon! who deosn't have a sense of humor!
see, someone agrees! DOES look like the Hello Kittys president office though :)
groans its a Nyan you don't ask, its a cat with a poptart body, that flys, and leaves a rainbow trail, and a new emoticon you can do if oyur chatting on Google+ ~=[,,_,,]:3 which is simler to the cat, also only seen here on G+ :3
lol...please tell me someone has heard of nyan cats!!! adn the warriors saga!!!!
hey, your lucky I don't know you because by now you would have been bonked by my cast iron skillet or slimed -_-
I think hello kitty is embarressed :[…………………………….........
Its just her face on a human body who wouldnt be embarressed????????????????????
yes :) would bonk with skillet but decides not to very rare that I
slimes instead I couldn't resist ;) no offense to you
whats a skillet that stuff u r talkin bout???
Chamara and hannah u guys r both emailing me and u cant enjoy my bigmac
bigmac? yum...CHEESE...wait...SQURIEL FAMILY REUNION!!! :D
Yes my 1st one sadly sundrop drop it like its hot!
It wasnt that bad. i expected it to be as great as my mom said it was:(
Wow I never been a different person
I wonder if Hello Kitty was in the Civil War...hmmm
wow! whos house is that and how much did they spend to decorate it hello kitty-like?
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