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Helge Mortensen
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Lives in Eidkjosen
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Sunset in February
The wind was blowing and it went through my bones. So I was a little too quick to drive back home. Since the sky turned totally pink 10 minutes afterward.
Sony A7R and EF 16-35mm f/2.8 II L
Adjustment done in #lightroom5 and #ononeperfectphotosuite9  
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Helge Mortensen

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-11C/12F so I needed my long john on today but I forgot to put them on...But I had my marvelous sami made fur hat and my down jacket
Sony A7R and Canon FD 20mm
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Red aurora
Last night was an fantastic display.
Even my 15mm fisheye got to narrow to capture it all

#red #aurora #auroraborealis #auroraborealisphotography #troms #arctic #corona #amazing #breathtaking  
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Dive! Dive! Dive!
Excellent whale watching this weekend outside the city of Tromsø
We counted 30 humpback whales plus 10s of orcas.
You could really smell the bad breath of sour herring from these whales when they were passing right next to the boat.

#humpbackwhales   #tromsø   #norway  
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Helge Mortensen

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Todays sunset
Sony A7R
Canon 16-35mm f/2.8mm L II
Lee soft grads

3 exposures at +/- 2EV
HDR done in Photoshop
Stylization done in Lightroom 5
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Milky Way and the aurora
My first try with the Orion tracker
14 images x 5s exposure
Shot with the Sony A7R and Samyang 24/1.4

#milkyway #milkywayphotography #aurora #auroraborealis #auroraborealisphotography #tromsø #norway #landscapephotography #mountains #snow  
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This past week it have been snowing every day. I am feeling that it's enough now. It is suppose to clear up tonight. But in the meantime it keeps coming down even more snow. We have gotten close to 1m this week.

Sony A7R and Sony FE 1.8/55
Edited in #lightroom5   and #ononeperfectphotosuite9  
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Helge Mortensen

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Moonlit landscape
It was great outside last night. Temperature at -6C and no wind.
Sony A7R and Canon FD 24mm f/2.8
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Helge Mortensen

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Even though that we don't see the sun for another month it doesn't mean that we don't see any light at all. The colors can be amazing during the short hours of light. The colors and light we also have after it gets dark in the aurora borealis that we always can see here in Tromsø.
Have a great holiday and take a lots of pictures
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It was a cold night. But you forget it when the aurora is active.
Sony A7R and Canon EF 15mm f/2.8, iso 3200 and 5s

#aurora #auroraborealis #auroraborealisphotography #tromsø #kvaløya #reflections #reflectionphotography #snow  
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Helge Mortensen

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Awesome Aurora
This was taken on Saturday night
It was overcast and slowly a gap in the clouds opened up.
But no Aurora yet.
I fired up the heater to boil some water.
Relaxed and chatting nerdy stuff with my fellow photographer friend.
Suddenly out of nothing the aurora exploded across the sky!
I was standing there with my coffee cup and smiling very stupidly....
Damn I have to get the camera ready.
So I opened the trunk and tried feverishly to get the camera ready.
My friend was shooting video so he was ready and already filming and making muffled sounds how awesome this Aurora was.
I managed to extend the legs on my Benro tripod and fire up the camera.
Luckily the 15mm fish eye lens was in focus.
So it was just to start shooting.
After 2 minute the Aurora faded in the distant.
But that was all it took to grab some keepers.
I hope you enjoy viewing my effort in capturing the Aurora.
And please share if you feel for it :)

Shot with the Sony A7R and Canon EF 15mm f/2.8
ISO 1600, 1.3s and at f/2.8 
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Purple Dream
A fantastic outburst from the sun that hit us last night
Amazing colors. I actually had to adjust down the saturation on the green a little bit
Image taken with my A7R and the Samyang 24mm f/1.4
Feel free to share and comment
Adjustements have been done in Lightroom5

#auroraborealis #aurora #tromsø #troms #arctic #arcticlight #norway #canon #samyang14mm #lightroom5 #green #purple  
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  • Tromsø Maritime skole
    Electro automation tech, 82 - 84
  • Kvaløya vg skole
    Electronics, 91 - 92
  • Breivika teknisk fagskole
    Electronics, 92 - 94
Basic Information
Looking for
Amateur photographer with professional gear ;)
Living at Eidkjosen. 15 km outside the city of Tromsø on the island of Kvaløya
Married with kids.
Working at UNN
Enjoys taking pictures.
Favorite photo subject: Aurora Borealis/Northern 

What I take pictures of:
Panoramic landscapes
Aurora Borealis with landscape
I sometimes uses HDR when needed

Other links:

Photo gear:
Canon EOS 5D mkII
Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8 L II
Canon EF 70-200 f/4 L
Canon EF 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye
Samyang 24mm f/1.4L 
Samyang 14mm f/2.8
Tamron 90mm f/2.8 Macro
Lee filters (ND,GND and big stopper)

Mac and iPhone user. I like the user-friendliness and the product quality.
I don't care about PC vs Mac, iOS vs Droid or Nikon vs Canon
As long as I am happy I don't care.

Canon user since 1987 when the first EOS came out.
I like Canon so why switch? 

Lee filters are amazing.
If you ever consider using  square filters, get the Lee foundation kit. Don't bother going via Cokin as I with many have done.
Nothing beats the Lee quality

Just get the Gitzo.....if you can afford it
I am using Benro carbon fibre.

Acratech ballheads are just amazing
Bragging rights
I know Photoshop, Lightroom and the name of some other Adobe products ;)
Father, automation tech and amateur photographer
  • University hospital of north Norway
    WD and sterilizer tech, 1999 - present
  • Royal Caribbean International
    Electro Automation Tech, 1987 - 1992
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