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Helen Stickland
Worked at Musician
Lives in Sherborne Dorset
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Helen Stickland

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Unmanned aircraft, or 'drones' have attracted controversy for their military use, but they are now taking off everywhere. Charles Arthur investigates ... and attempts to pilot one himself
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Just found these.
Elicia Edijanto captures unique connection between animals and children using only black and white watercolours.
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Helen Stickland

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What a hoot!
Irritable Owl Syndrome
Bloomin' Owls...
T Shirt available here ▶ 

#StrangeStore #Owls   #tshirt  
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Helen Stickland

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I take part in more of these than I care to admit.
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same here
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Helen Stickland

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RIP Richard Attenborough.
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RIP indeed.
Just been reading his obit on the BBC site - his parents, members of the Labour party are described as "fervent do-gooders" and Ghandi and Cry Freedom are described as "overtly political" and "overlong and sentimental"

Don't know why I bother to read their twaddle...
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My mother would have called this decoupage.
Principle of Design Poster Series is a paper crafted poster series designed by graphic designer Efil Türk.
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Helen Stickland

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I must get a copy of The Icelandic Sagas. I think we have one in the bookshop.
Hey +Darryl Mouzone​, when are we moving to Iceland?
A modern version of Norse paganism has been gaining popularity in recent years as followers see the stories as metaphors for life not worship of the gods
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Halloween Pop Up Pumpkin Card Template
In case you missed this last night...
A really easy pop up card for #Halloween from my Pop Up Paper Blog. 

#popupbooks   #popupcards  #popups #pumpkins  
A Free Halloween Pop Up Pumpkin Card Template for you to download and make. Designed by Paul Stickland for the Pop Up Paper Blog.
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Helen Stickland

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A world first. Dinosaur Roar Hangout with +Paul Stickland !
Dinosaur Roar Hangout!
This wednesday at 8.00pm GMT, I'll be joining +BIG FUN Education, +Annabelle Howard and +Azlin Bloor to read and show you a brand new special presentation of my children's book Dinosaur Roar!

It's part of a great new initiative from non-profit +BIG FUN Education to share the joy of reading without borders here on G+.
I'll be showing you some of the behind the scenes aspects of creating a children's book and I'm happy to discuss any of your questions.
There will be links to free downloads and resources for teachers and parents alike.
Please do come and join us! 
You can find the event details here:  

#DinosaurRoar   #dinosaurs   #kids  #kbn #childrensbooks #hangoutsonair   #Roar  
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It is a world first! Eeek!
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Helen Stickland

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There's always so much to see on G+ but these really caught my eye. Take a look.
So took part in my 2nd Infinity ITS event today did okay, 4th over all which is nice and can safely say I enjoyed myself a lot.

Still need to get more miniatures painted though :/

Some pictures of the tables today before people got going.  The paper terrain, crates, stacks of crates etc were done by me.

Thanks to a few of the guys +Adam Pattenden , +Lee Russ , +Darren Ivey , +Peter Acs .
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Helen Stickland

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I'll share this for you +Tamara Pruessner !

I have noticed a huge drop in comments/plusses with most of my photography here and I think I know why.  I think it is because I have been so non-interactive lately.  (Or at least I hope that is it... LOL!)

So, today, I am going to try my best to be more interactive, comment more, plus more.  I want to try a few weeks of this and see if anything changes.  I am going to do my dangest to get to everyone who comments on this photo, or any of my other photos, and check out their profile and latest post.  

Spammers... that just means I get to block you sooner.  ;)

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Yes, I gave up with it too because it feels like you are talking to yourself and also I've stopped for lack of time. I lied G+ at the begining when there were very few people in my circles ... seemed more intimate:)
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Helen Stickland

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StrangeStore Pillows on Society6 - FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING!
I Love Society❻, their products are really well designed, quality is great, prices are keen and worldwide delivery is swift and often free.
Their store front is well laid out, so it's easy to see all the StrangeStore goodies. 
I'd welcome any feedback about the store and the products!
These pillows start at $20.
See StrangeStore on Society❻ ►  

You can see even more StrangeStore goodies here  

#strangestore   #christmasgifts   #society6   #christmas   #madewithaplus  
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Happy Birthday, have a great day!:)  Same day as me.
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Bookseller, proofreader, editor, musician (none particularly fiscally rewarding at present)
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Carrington-Windo, Harvey
Songwriter, guitarist, mother and longtime passionate bookseller.
A life lived surrounded by books, music and now my beautiful little girl. Simple.
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I'll come back to this one but apparently, I'm James Herbert's (the author) ideal woman. (According to James Herbert). He hasn't seen me for about 10 years though, so possibly no longer the case.
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Sherborne Dorset
Always helpful and friendly in here. Usually have exactly what I want. Delivery service available.
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Wonderful childrenswear shop. My daughter Tabitha and I come in here regularly for shoes. Outstanding service and a great selection. Ordering facility also available. Absolutely spot-on range of gifts and beautifully-made offbeat quality children's clothing and accessories.
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