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Instigator of change: Author, fitness pro, rock music photog, chocolate lover
Instigator of change: Author, fitness pro, rock music photog, chocolate lover


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New article on my Real World Weightloss blog. A question that comes up quite a bit.


Oh that four-letter-word…DIET.

I never say I’m on a ‘diet,’ and in my book I seem to harp on don’t diet to lose weight.

The reason?

Telling yourself you’re on a diet sets you up for failure. The moment you think you can’t have something is the moment you want it even more. Yeah, I understand.

Aside from that, the question asked of me was, “How can I not feel hungry when on a diet?”

Depending on which ‘diet’ you’re on determines the answer, but usually I give some simple recommendations that even I can follow. I hate being hungry…it’s not just you.

>Clink on link to read more

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Why we should do more cardio...

Cardio vs. HIIT?

We’ve had this discussion before. Longer bouts of cardio for endurance, or shorter HIIT sessions for cardiovascular strength?

The answer is even simpler than we’ve previously discussed: CARDIO.


YOU CAN OUTRUN ZOMBIES when you have endurance. Duh. There’s a reason why CARDIO is Zombieland Rule #1.

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Going to the store hungry....a very bad idea.

So what happens?

Here's what happens:
I sat in the car, looking at the grocery bag next to me on the passenger seat, and noticed that the loaf of fresh, warm French bread was half gone. “Holy crap!” I thought. “What have I done?”

What I had done was gone to the grocery store hungry. Super hungry.

As I left the store I grabbed a loaf of delicious, hot, sexy bread – after spending time just smelling its loveliness — for ‘just a little bite’ as I drove home to ‘tide me over.’

The bite was small indeed…if I were a shark. But I am 5′ tall and no shark. I was just starving, and out of control....

Read more at link.

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Do you love #animals? Then take a peek at this:

Lanta Animal Welfare – Giving Hope to Strays in Koh Lanta.

As an animal lover, walking around the streets of Thailand can be heartbreaking. Stray animals wander the streets, digging through rubbish in search of food or curled up asleep in a quiet corner of an alleyways – some look relatively healthy, while others look scared, confused and ill. Stray dogs, known as ‘soi dogs’ are a particularly big problem. In 2012, it was estimated that over 68,000 puppies are born on the streets of Thailand every year.

Koh Lanta, though, is a very special place, with it’s stunning sunsets, beautiful beaches and laid back atmosphere. However, as huge animal lovers, the best thing about Koh Lanta for us was Lanta Animal Welfare (LAW) – a non-profit organization which aims to reduce the suffering of animals through sterilization, treatment and care (and lots of love!). In the previous 7 years, LAW has sterilized over 90% of the animals on Koh Lanta (and hundreds of other animals on neighboring islands during mobile clinics), treated hundreds of animals for a range of injuries and illnesses and found hundreds more new ‘forever homes’ both on the island and abroad.
~READ FULL ARTICLE AT LINK. Very interesting.
+Adoption Lanta Animal Welfare #lantaanimalwelfare

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Would you hire a mom?


I know what you’re thinking, secretly, even though you would never admit it:

“If I hire a mom, she’ll need to take time off for her kids.”
“If I hire a mom, she will be thinking about her kids a lot.”
“If I hire a mom, she might be tired when she comes to work some mornings.”

So why would you hire a mom? Or even scarier, a single mom?

Because moms:
Are wizards at time management.
Can function on very little sleep.
Show up to work even when they don’t feel good.
Can go for hours on a single cup of coffee or a piece of chocolate.
Are creative thinkers.
Train people with ease.
Think independently.

If you need an extra hand doing something that’s “not my job,” most likely it’s not the recent college graduate but the mom who will do it.

Read more at link.

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Do you dare look at calories on menus? Or do you look away? Maybe cover the count with your finger, ha ha?

Here's why you should possible look...
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