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Hello everyone

A bit early yet but here's an excellent site for Digital Storytelling called Zahmoo  (thanks to my friend @JMalki). There is a cost but it's an idea for capturing, connecting and sharing stories.
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Cool - hadn't heard of this one before. Thanks for sharing!
I would really like to learn more about digital storytelling
Me too Charmaine. I've just started reading about it and finding out how corporates use stories. Do they value them? How do they collect them? How are they used? Are they encouraged? 
Hello Helen, how is your reading going? Any article to recommend? Would love to read more about it as well. Have you heard of this site and community: For me a very valuable source of information.
Hello Sibrenne (what a lovely first name, I've not heard of this before, does it mean something?)  Yes, I've heard of and was looking at their website just yesterday. A friend mentioned them to me.  I am in the process of writing an article about organisational storytelling but from the side of what Learning and Development teams are doing or incoporating in their programs. I have been speaking to various of my colleagues in different industries who are in L&D, but it seems that storytelling is usually left for the charismatic senior leaders but doesn't drill down to operational levels UNLESS for some industries where English is a second language or there is literacy issues whereby stories and other ways to get key messages come across (such as the mining industry). Alternatively some do incorporate it in their online learning courseware usually developed by external vendors.  
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