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#etmooc This is one way I'm going to share my learning.  A list and reflection of professional development (and some not so) activities.  Be warned, you may need to get yourself a cup of tea first... +Benjamin Wilkoff +Gerardine Rudolphy +Jasmine Malki +Craig Taylor +Alan Levine 
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Just left a comment. Really nice work!
Thanks Benjamin. You too. Keep up the good work. I really enjoy your reflections that summarise the key learnings of the week - and how others have contributed to your vlog. It's thought provoking and also enjoy the different perspectives - not just from view point but from vantage points around your home. I should do the same rather than stay in the study all the time...
Yes. Just wait until I start vlogging from remote locations, though. You won't know where I am.

Thanks for your kind words. My hope is that we continue to push each other's positions and see what we can from all of our different vantage points. I know I have thought through Learning Paths a lot in the last few weeks, and that never would have happened if I just kept looking into a camera and not responded to others.
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