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Hello everyone.  I'm disappointed that I can't access the Blackboard sessions as they occur during working hours and our firewalls block them. However, I'll be working from home tomorrow and can contribute to the next session (Yay!).  In the meantime, no I haven't been slacking off but I've been reading the comments, viewing the videos and reading blog posts with great interest.  So how do I make my learning visible?  Here's my latest blog post that talks about my foray into professional learning portfolios (for corporate organisations - this is a new concept for us)... 
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Wow, I love this post! The idea even of listing current projects publically is awesome, and I'm to do it ASAP. Love the additional accountability that will bring if I can report back at end of a month, too. And some of those tools look really snazzy.
Thanks Angela, I had to strip away the branding of the company (for a few of the projects) and this is one of the most annoying things to do especially if we cant communicate or promote the company logo without permission on any external websites (like blogs). 
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