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I should probably come here more.
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It is getting interesting +Helen Popkin things around here are getting better and more "human-friendly"
Yes. Yes you should. Especially since there's a link here from CNet.. lol
Yeah you should; loved the article on the Irish Dad v Facebook.
I follow you everywhere... apparently.
Why . . is it quieter? Easier to navigate? No drastic surprises?
I certainly hope you will, since I deactivated Facebook and will miss your stuff (although I will certainly keep up with your blog). Please let me know if they remove that gawd-awful ticker; if I wanted strangers' posts all up in my feed, I'd friend them!
+Kimberly Small - OMG!!!!
Me-minus-You on facebook= Suckidge!! & I miss you already and you've been gone like 2 days!!
: P : (
I've just joined the Google bandwagon. Facebook kept making more and more changes I hated (which is why you rarely see me on there anymore). But am happy to find you on G+. I miss our shared goofy humor :)
Facebook sucks +Piera Coppola ! Pardon my language.. It just sent me to the corner with a dunce hat, saying I am not allowed to make friends for a certain amount of time!.. I am sick of the s***!

And... yes +Helen Popkin you should...
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