If you got a DNS wildcard, say `*.example.com A` and create a new host in a (non-existing) subdomain, say `foo.bar.example.com A` then, depending on the server software, the intermediate label bar.example.com may be covered by the wildcards (and e.g. return the address associated with the wildcard), or it may return an empty answer (NOERROR, ANSWERS: 0).

For reference see the attached link. (I understood that getting an empty answer should be the more common way).

At least one DNS provider seems to use different versions of server software on its DNS servers, creating unstable results:

ns2.inwx.de.: "reg-wie1"
ns3.inwx.eu.: "INWX DNS Server"
ns4.inwx.com.: "INWX DNS Server"
ns5.inwx.net.: "INWX DNS Server"
ns.inwx.de.: "reg-sin2"

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