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Stand by your umbrella ...

Cold day  - late in march
a long way home

Light rain - mingling with snow..
Utter joy,  unexpected laughter

As I did kept my umbrella at my side..

The B&W Project 26
Theme 7/26: Umbrella

#BWProject26 | witht thanks to  +Tisha Montgomery +Brandon Luk +Lauri Novak +Alison Christensen  

+The B&W Project  #blackandwhitephotography   #monochromephotography  
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Brilliant! I adore the hat. Nice touch. 
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Heiko Mahr

Double/Multiple exposures  - 

we need to hold
to stop for a while 
from what we do 
and review, rearview what has
happened and if we don't want 
go from that point 
into a new direction

Multi Exposure street photography 

Series: Encounters are a melody of Occasion
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Exceptional dear
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Thank you so much +Rachael Switalski 
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Someday - the early morning

it was one of those mornings
you raise up and want to go outside..
so I did and I took my camera with me..
and while I was strolling around - with the "long term goal" for th bakery - I let my footsteps guide wherever the light takes me...

It must be like meditative walking, just keeping in the flow and try to be open to see what I can't see when I go out with a plan on what about to shot. I don't plan to shot a certain subject or story, but the stories and subjects do find me - at least it feels like this.

Henri Cartier-Bresson once wrote: "To take photographs, is to hold one’s breath when all faculties converge in the face of fleeing reality. ...  It is putting one’s head, one’s eyes and one’s heart on the same axis. ...  It is a way of shouting, of freeing oneself, not of proving or asserting one’s originality.  It is a way of life.”.
Sometimes I feel that it is my way of life and that my camera is not only a machine, but a way of spontaneity and inspirational moments.

How do you feel when your out with your camera?

#allaboutthelight   #lightandshadow   #inspirational  
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There is no restriction except yourself +Marlène Rak 
You can get where ever you want to get..
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and no..
you don't get anything of my fruits ;-)

Happy sunday to all of you..

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He he he +Ho Sa ;-)

Thank you so very much +Victoria Dyugovsky 
it was very funny to watch them.

Oh indeed +Roxanne Bouche' Overton 
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Heiko Mahr

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Happy Saturday to all of you!
Enjoy your time whatever you do..

#unsharpsaturday with +Alex Lapidus  +Julianne Bockius  +Jetski Jones +Patrice Christian +Nadia Pewinski ( +Unsharp Saturday v2.0 )
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I will ! Thanks 😊
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Heiko Mahr

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Cornucopia croci

Spring is a time
of abundance, where the new year 
feasting, a joy and delight around us
which we can feel and look forward to 
all the last weeks of winter.

and sometimes we feel
that this joy and the energy of life next to us
sticks to us and makes us happy.

Have a great day and week!

#spring2015   #crocus  
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Just kidding, of course.
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You want to learn landscaping from one of the best photographers of G+ ? 
You want to experience the magic of the greek islands?

Here is your chance..
Don't let it pass you by!

I know Ugo personally. And I don't exaggerate if I tell you that 
Ugo is one of the best teachers for photography some can think of.
His encyclopedic knowledge about all technical side of photography, his wonderful talent to explain even the most complex things so that a kid could understand it and is great artistic insight  and humour is  an awesome mix.

And who can say not to save something by ordering in advance..?
We just announced the final details, including dates and prices, for our photography workshop in the Greek Islands of Santorini and Milos.


Join us for seven days of exploration and photography instruction in the beautiful settings of the Cyclades, some of the most inspiring and romantic islands in the Mediterranean.

#greece  #cyclades #mediterranean #photography  #workshop #instruction #education   #tour  #santorini #milos
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My pleasure +Ugo Cei !
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Translucent softness

Translucent softness
Transformed winters tears
purple magic.

#springflowers   #crocus   #purplemagic
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Thank you very much +Simon Jeffery 

Hope that spring will arrive you soon +Ellie Kennard 
I can feel with you after all the snow.

Oh I guess it is +Roxanne Bouche' Overton 
a promise for a year full of wonders..
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Divine grace

opening up for
passing away
in divine grace..

#tulipsphotography   #wabisabi   #unsharp  
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Vielen, vielen Dank +Dorothe D 
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Heiko Mahr

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Good night

Sleep well..
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Thank you so very much +Rie Kizuka also for your many plusses!
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Insignias - or a rainbow of colors

A Rainbow of colors so rare
their wardrobe with vibrantly flare...

#peacock   #feathers   #patternphotography  
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He he he Stimmt +Susanne Holtkamp 

Thank you so much.. Indeed it is 

Thanks a lot +Saji Saju 

Oh yes it does +Roxanne Bouche' Overton 
A magical dance of light and colors

Thank you so much +Don Spenner 
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Have him in circles
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Basic Information
Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow. – Imogen Cunningham
About Photography:

"Photography as a spiritual practice:
a discipline that allows me a thousand new perspectives on the world.
A discipline that takes me to a place of reverence. 
To a place where I can be  the watcher,
the appreciator, the celebrator and, ultimately,
just the lover of the incredible beauty it allows me to witness."
Dewitt Jones

About "Learning to see":
"Don’t worry about being better than anybody you know personally or whose work you admire. Simply try to be better tomorrow than you were yesterday. You are not so much in competition with others as you are with yourself. Be your own toughest critic. Show only your best and develop your self-editing abilities so you know just what your best is. Beyond that,..., I’d suggest not spending all your time looking at other photographers but to look at other artists, painters, in particular, painters throughout the centuries. See how they take space and divide it, portion it out; how they capture your eye and attention with their use of a given space. How you put your pictures together is what will separate you from others, not in any revolutionary way, but in the way  you draw or do not draw a viewer in to your pictures. It’s not rocket science and it’s not necessarily even a craft now that digital imaging making prevails,  but it can be an art."
William A. Allard

About Artists:

About me:
I'm a man, a husband, a father, and a product manager most of the day.
The rest of my time I want to use my skills of photography to show others the beauty of the world as I see it!

About my photography:
If you would ask my what my style is,
than I would answer probably, that I don't have one specifc style.
And after two or three years thinking and searching about my style
I think I go with Guy Tal which written this wonderful article about
"Forget Vision"
which simply says "Forget about personal style, forget unique vision"


"The most meaningful art you can make should not be about visual effects
but about the way you respond to and interpret the world"

Some of my  images are romantic, some moody, some dark, some tell about life, the streets or the seasons and some are abstract work or minimalistic.As a poet does not concentrate on one form of poems , I don't want to concentrate on one form of images or mood.
If anything I would say  I'm a visual poet which show his inner truth, his inner interpretation of the world around - this is the connection between  my images and subjects.
As mannifold as the forms of poetry as mannifold my images are.

All my images/photos are copyright Heiko Mahr, unless otherwise noted!

Don't share or use them in your work or post them on any other website outside G+ without my consent.
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