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Heiko Köster

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So this is your offer?

#hqspportraits +HQSP Portraits curated by +Heiko Köster +Frank Nöthe

#portrait   #studio_photography   #strobist  
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beautiful portrait... Have a lovely Sunday Heiko...
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Heiko Köster

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Let's talk business

#HQSPPortraits  +HQSP Portraits by +Frank Nöthe +Ryan Ottaway Martin 

Why do I have to twist and turn my head into such inconvenient positions? This doesn't feel right.
...because it looks good ! We're not here to laze around and feel comfortable, we are here to shoot photos ;)
Do I really have to twist more ? Honestly, this feels insane.
...the more weird it feels the better it'll look, trust me.
We had more of this kind of conversations throughout this shoot and we also had a lot of fun.

#portrait   #studio_photography   #strobist   #jawline  
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Congratulations! HQSP thinks your work is most excellent and you have been included in the +HQSP Gold collection for this shot!

Well done, please check out the other winning shots on +HQSP Gold and look out for our Gold collection released at the end of each month :)

Best regards +Michael Sonntag
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Heiko Köster

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Collections Turn One#CollectionsTurn1
About my first collection

On 4th May 2016 it's  12 month ago collections were available for the public. Since I love lighthouses and host the two photo themes
  #LighthouseThursday / #NotALighthouseThursdayThisWeek  
my first collection had to be a lighthouse collection. So I entered my hashtag into the search field and scrolled through many of the posts shared with my themes and re-shared the good ones to my first collection. My personal stream looked like the work of a lighthouse lunatic, because 99% of the posts I put into the collection were - of course - not mine and so I couldn't move them, but had to re-share them.

Later on I built up themed collections about Frankfurt a.M. a fascinating place where I  take pictures quite often. More and more collections followed to cover different topics of many of my former albums like portraits, or some of my new interests in zoom and motion photography, I also started to collect interesting posts in a private bookmark collection.

At the moment I have 12 collections - which in average makes one for each month collections are with us here on G+.
And I hope there will be more to come.

So Happy Birthday Collections !

My first collections:

Visions of a City - Frankfurt a.M. - Mainhattan

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Thanks +Heiko Köster  Have to try this ! Have a great sunday :-)
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Heiko Köster

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Waterdrop Bokeh

BMW World, Munich, Germany , 2016

It was snowing on that evening and I had to free the lens from droplets all the time. This was a shot shortly before I had to clean the lens again.

#hqsparchitecture +HQSP Architecture curated by +Rhonda Krause and +Dmitry Jurkov

#BMWWorld   #BMW   #CoopHimmelblau   #Architecture   #OlympiaPark   #Munich   #München  
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+Heiko Köster You're always welcome, my friend!
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Heiko Köster

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Color Version of the "Different kind of Office Portrait"

B&W Version:


#zoom   #Frankfurt   #Ffm  
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Danke +Eric Delcour 
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Heiko Köster

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Making of - of an unusual on location office portrait

It was fun to shoot this series. 

First we went for dinner to wait for the blue hour. 

Around sunset at 8 pm we split up, he went back into the building and I drove to the first location from where I wanted to shoot from. 

But only 15 minutes later it was still too bright to get a decent exposure time to zoom. With ISO 50 and f8 I got 1.6 seconds exposure without a ND filter, which I didn't want to use to keep the auto focus working.It also turned out, that even with a 300mm zoom I wasn't close enough to have my model visible at a reasonable size. So I decided to move closer to let him appear larger.

10 minutes later and 200m closer with f16 I reached a 20 second exposure time and could start zooming. I was standing on a rail road bridge with pedestrian path heavily used by joggers and also quite a bit of train traffic, so I had to wait some time to make my shots. After several shots I changed locations again to get a completely different angle form the other side of the river next to the building. My model had to change offices in order to get into the frame and I hurried back to my car to get to the other river bank.

Around 8:50pm I started shooting again , from the river bank now and it was dark enough to shoot with f8 and 25 seconds exposure. At that point it was the perfect time for blue light. Took some shots and shortly before the end of the blue hour I drove back to my first shooting spot to take some zoom images with the skyline in the background. 

My model went back to the other office and posed again. The hole time we communicated via our cell phones. I informed him when the exposure started and counted down the seconds for him to stand still before I began zooming after which he could relax. Passers by must have been wondering what kind of strange call I was having. 

At the end at 9:15pm I had about 24 shots from four different angles and only two of them turned out blurry due to vibrations caused by heavy winds. Not too bad.

‪#‎blog‬ ‪#‎photography‬ ‪#‎zoom‬ ‪#‎architecture‬ ‪#‎bluehour‬ ‪#‎Frankfurt‬ ‪#‎Ffm‬
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Heiko Köster

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Installation "Flusswind"

Frankfurt, Osthafen, Germany, 2016

Art installation with 60 synthetical cattails symbolizing the three predominant directions of wind at these location. They pick out the major impact of cold air aisles on the urban ventilation and regulation of the urban climate as a main theme.

#hqsplandscape +HQSP Landscape curated curated by +Mike Hankey +Peter Marbaise +Hans-Juergen Werner +Shannan Crow +Mohamed Hakem +Albert Vuvu Konde and +Alexander Tarasenkov

#Frankfurt   #Sky   #Cattails   #Artwork   #Art   #Installation   #Sculpture    #LeadingLines   #Lines   #Clouds  
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Heiko Köster

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Place your votes, please.
Ready for the vote for week 18?

The HQSP team is ready and have chosen 18 new photos from the +HQSP Post of the Day  and +HQSP Gold  and now it's your turn to pick this weeks best share so please vote by giving your favourite(s) a plus in the collection below.

Earlier this week we posted the 3 best of week 17 in this post: So please take a look at last weeks winners.

Rules of the HQSP Vote:
- A photographer can not vote for their own photo - self votes will be discounted
- A photographer can not vote with other accounts/pages he or she owns/curates
- A photographer should not call others to vote for his photo alone. Inviting people to vote in general, is OK.

The winners will be posted on the Weekly winners page

So let's vote!

Congratulations, you are in this vote: +Bernd Flicker +Heinrich Wagner +Anke Brungs +Liudmila D +Alan Shapiro +Volker Seifarth +Dana Allen +Renato Richina +Daniel Raghu +Raju Karia +Heiko Köster +Joachim Nel +Susan Wilkinson +Ray Hennessy +Roxanne Bouche' Overton +Theodoros T. +Barbara Manciulli +teresa pilcher 

This vote will close next Wednesday 8 PM CET.

If you don't want to be a part of the vote, or have any questions, please contact +Peter Marbaise +Dave Gen  or +Anja Wessels 

The HQSP team and this week's vote curator +Anja Wessels 
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Heiko Köster

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My Name is Bond...

... James Bond

#hqspportraits +HQSP Portraits curated by +Frank Nöthe +Ryan Ottaway Martin 

#007  #SigSaurXSix   #SigSaur   #Xsix   #portraits   #monochrome  
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Heiko Köster

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Order / Sizes of Fresnel Lenses


Thank you +Ron Grooms for this wonderful chart.
Sizes of Fresnel Lens used in Lighthouses
Chart from the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse Lens Room

A good chart found at the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse that shows the sizes of the various Fresnel Lens used in Lighthouses.  To read the information view the photo full size and zoom in.

#lighthouse   #fresnel   #lenses   #history   #travel  
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Heiko Köster

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Stay cool....

A different lighting and this time a color version.

#hqspportraits +HQSP Portraits curated by +Ryan Ottaway Martin  +Frank Nöthe 

#Portrait   #portraitphotography   #portraiture   #male   #suit   #jeans   #bearded   #beards   #character   #personality   #strobist  
#studio_photography   #lighting  
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Vielen Dank, +Thomas Deckert +Thomas Ber 
Thank you +Ray Harris 
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Heiko Köster

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Mediate, Communicate, Negotiate....
No matter what it takes, you get it done.
Frankfurt, Germany, 2016

See a different angle:
Making of:

#architecture   #nightphotography   #cityscapephotography   #zoom  

#hqspnight  +HQSP Night curated by +Ingo Bruneske +Alexander Tarasenkov
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Excelente !!!
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On my day job I am a senior technical consultant at a software company. I work on workflows all day and at night I practice on my own workflow. The former I do for almost 20 years and the latter for more than five years now. So your constructive critique on my images is always appreciated. 

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... and I'm exploring the various ways of digital photo manipulation ... I love to slide the controllers, to experiment and to watch what happens to the image ...

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I'm a computer scientist working as a Senior Consultant for a software company ... and I like photography.
I'm good at what I do.
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