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+NIA Ops​ Spoofing is also a problem in the Helsinki/Tallinn cell (Finland/Estonia) even though this is a backwoods location compared to many parts of the world. Both factions have been at the receiving end.

Please take action.

#spoofingsucks #spoofgress
#SpoofingSucks  #spoofgress  

This weekend I got to be part of two great OPs I watched agents drive great distances to accomplish some amazing fields. Both were glorious in size seemingly at the top of the world. And yet both had the same result, spoofers showed up to take them out. +NIA Ops How are we supposed to plan around spoofers? Is anything at all being done about this rampant cheating?
It's an outrage that we spend hundreds of dollars on ops, months of planning for someone to sit behind a computer and take it out. Perhaps +Niantic Project doesn't care about fields and just about anomalies, but why would we want to plan anomalies and push agents to go out and play a game where rules are becoming arbitrary. Reporting does not help we've done that time and time again and even if we get one is banned ten more replace it.

I for one am tired of it. I love fielding but this is where I draw the line. I am NOT putting in more time and efforts until +NIA Ops addresses these cheaters. I am not blaming Enlightened. This is not a Resistance problem or a Enlightened. This is an +Ingress  problem. One Niantic needs to address.

I would also encourage others to post and repost their ruined OPs, smashed guardians with the hash tag #SpoofingSucks  and #spoofgress  and tag +NIA Ops. Let's send them all the reports over and over again and show them we are serious, we want this issue addressed.
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This is the official Ingress: First Saturday - event in Helsinki on May 7th 2016. The event idea is outlined in Ingress' G+-post here: All Ingress players welcome!

Our schedule:

12:00 PM  Cross-Faction Lunch:  Join or invite new and seasoned Enlightened and Resistance Agents in this purely social Cross-Faction meetup. All Level Agents are encouraged to join. Grab something to eat, meet local Agents face-to-face, learn how to play Ingress or teach a new Agent the ins and outs of Ingress and share your Ingress war stories.

2:00 PM  Level-Up Bootcamp (Start):  Register your level and AP with the opposing Faction lead. Post your stats to the event Hangout group. The screen cap should include your player name, your current level, your AP count and your Trekker km. HiLevel Agents will pair up with the smurflings/tadpoles working to level up. AP and level gains will be scored.

4:00 PM  Level-Up Bootcamp (End): Another opportunity for food & drinks. Agents will check back in with the opposing Faction Lead to record their final AP.  Post another screen cap to the Hangout group showing your final stats. Rewarding of the best player of the winning Faction with special Helsinki Faction trophy.

---- And now the same in Finnish ----

Tämä on toukokuun 2016 virallinen Ingress: First Saturday - tapahtuma Helsingissä. Eventin idea on kerrottu Ingressin G+-postauksessa: Kaikki Ingress-pelaajat ovat tervetulleita mukaan.


12:00 Cross-Faction lounas. Uusia ja vanhoja agentteja molemmista factioneista kokoontuu yhdessä lounaalle Stone's Gastro Pubin alakertaan. Eventin sosiaalinen osuus jossa voi tavata toisia pelaajia ja jakaa Ingress-tarinoita ja pelivinkkejä pienen purtavan äärellä.

14:00 Tasonnostoleiri, eli levelöitymisapua ja kilpailuosuus: Rekisteröi levelisi ja AP-määräsi lähettämällä kuvakaappaus statseistasi tapahtuman Hangout -ryhmään. Kuvakaappauksessa tulee näkyä pelaajanimesi lisäksi sen hetkinen levelisi, AP-pistemääräsi ja Trekker -kilometrisi. Lähde  kaupungille keräämään lisää pisteitä yhdessä veteraanipelaajien kanssa. AP:n ja levelien nousut pisteytetään Nianticin laatiman kaavan mukaisesti.

16:00 Tasonnostoleiri eli kilpailuosuus loppuu. Toinen mahdollisuus ruokailla ja/tai nauttia virvokkeita. Ilmoita uusi tasosi ja AP-määräsi. Lähetä Hangout-ryhmään uusi kuvakaappaus josta ilmenevät lopulliset statsisi. Voittajafactionin eniten pisteitä kerännyt pelaaja saa kuukaudeksi haltuunsa Helsinki Faction kiertopalkinnon. 
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Added photos to OLW's Global Portal Survey.
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#ingressportalsurvey by +Oliver Lynton-Wolfe

Ilmatar ja sotka, Helsinki, Finland.

React rebel question shapers lie
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On tämäkin harrastus.
OP When We Lost our Mittens

(In Finnish “Lapasesta läks”, literal translation “lost from mittens”, is proverb describing a situation where originally something small grows uncontrollably into something ridiculously huge. Closest proverb in English is “getting out of hand”)


#Ingress #IngressResistance #Resistance #ResistanceFinland #BAF #NewRecord

Timelapse video:

In Resistance Finland we have always been fond of field ops. Usually they have been done with a small group of people, and we have covered the Helsinki area in various shapes and sizes. Last time when training our new agents to field operations was the first time when our mittens got lost - originally a small and simple plan turned out to be a 36 layer monster. Few weeks after that with our Estonian friends we built 52 layers over Estonia and Helsinki.

Now we had almost the same situation with a twist. There were five magnificent agents who had made a faction change from Enlightenment to Resistance (two of them leveled from lvl1 to lvl8 in world-record breaking time,, but they did not have that much experience in field operations. Since field ops are at the heart and soul of our community, what would be a better way to welcome our new agents than planning an operation with them?

Old drawings were dug up from various hard drives, Intel map was carefully scrutinized, but we felt stuck. How on earth to build a BAF with sufficient amount of layers and with minimum cleaning when every single possible linking line was so full with both blue and green links?

Only option was to look outside our normal fielding lines, and we found that Hämeenlinna would be a perfect city to use - with careful drawing it was possible to make 41 layers from there only. But as you can probably guess, our plans grew bigger and bigger, and suddenly we had a plan for 101 layers over our dear Helsinki (and quite a few smaller cities) held by anchors in south-east coast and north-west Estonia.

We started planning on Tuesday. The final plan was completed on Wednesday, and we started thinking about the schedule. The sooner the better, right? With inquiries from other agents it became clear that Friday suited most of the people - and then the real hustle started. We had to farm keys, lots and lots of them without attracting too much attention- so Thursday evening we had agents driving like madmen to various places in southern Finland farming for necessary keys.

Friday evening we all gathered together to have some coffee, beer and cookies. We looked through the lines and shared tasks and suddenly it was time to go. Cleaning went really well, we had agents waiting for linking to start and few minutes before linking time at least intel (that would be me) barely held it together. Clock struck 02.00 and we started. Last blockers were cleared, first links went up and we had our first field! It was time to build 100 more.

After four hours of linking (including driving, walking in dark forest in the middle of the night, running, losing breath on a few occasions and cursing one particularly steep hill in the middle of Hämeenlinna) we were finally done. Done, exhausted and happy as a bunch of little guinea pigs. A new record, something that felt impossible was actually true and we made it happen. Also we did not mind nine new onyx illuminator badges and about 60MMU captured over two checkpoints!

Special thanks to our fellow Estonian agents for giving us keys to Hiiumaa, you are wonderful and we love you!

Other special thanks go to agents @medellia, @3vil0verlord, @Jackaali and @Kaira82. You know why!

Thank you @Tonteria for drawing this little monster and doing naked intel!

And biggest thanks go to our wonderful agents:

@Khaeron - Special thanks for planning and Intel, you made possible to squeeze in some extra layers we all missed.
@Cthulthist - Thank you for Intel and timelapse
@Julmuri - Terror on the roads, thank you for farming keys and linking. Congrats for onyx Illuminator!
@Manzicca - Omg, this lady must be the fastest linker I’ve ever seen! Sorry about the hill…
@Hoosee - Thank you for running with Manzicca in Hämeenlinna
@JJc3004 - Congrats for a new member of the 10MMU club!
@Vapaaherra - Congrats for onyx!
@whoooops - Congrats for onyx!
@mobject - Hope you enjoyed the romantic walk in the forest with @whoooops
@eskoreinari - Thank you for key farming!
@turbsastor - Farming, clearing lines, organising, pushing @Tonteria to start drawing, bad jokes - you are our superman :)
@Lothlean - Thank you for clearing the lines!
@tsalesto - Thank you for clearing the lines!
@gorac - Thank you for clearing the lines and having so good ideas that they can be stolen and made even better and bigger!
@Starwie - Driver of our second car in Hämeenlinna!
@Aniliini - Congrats for onyx!
@jepa87 - Congrats for onyx!
@Stedius - Congrats for onyx!
@mandrilli - Congrats for onyx!
@Ladadude - Thank you for clearing the lines!
@Kihaku - Thank you for clearing the lines!
@3vil0verlord - Thank you for clearing the lines!
@H4nu - Thank you for clearing the lines!
@Pahal - Thank you for clearing the lines!
@Uhox - Our secret task force, thank you for being on alert to drive wherever needed!
@maveFI - Member 2 of task force! Living proof that you don’t need a pub to be drunk :D
@n4rri - In a successful ops Hanko always uses Jarvis - this time Ada was enough! Thank you for helping!
@JoeyGreco - Thank you for farming the keys!
@nQua - Thank you for farming the keys!
@Hapansilakka - Thank you for farming the keys!
@Fububu - Thank you for farming the keys!
@FoxingDemon - Our surprise linker! Congrats for onyx, hope that you don’t regret for leaving your cozy bed at four o’clock in the morning and driving like a maniac to other agents in Valkeakoski :D
@frd - Thank you for clearing the lines!

It was an honour to work with you.

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Originally shared by ****
"Why did he do all these things? Many assume that these fighters are motivated by a belief in the Islamic State, a caliphate ruled by a caliph with the traditional title Emir al-Muminiin, “Commander of the faithful,” a role currently held by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi; that fighters all over the world are flocking to the area for a chance to fight for this dream. But this just doesn’t hold for the prisoners we are interviewing. They are woefully ignorant about Islam and have difficulty answering questions about Sharia law, militant jihad, and the caliphate. But a detailed, or even superficial, knowledge of Islam isn’t necessarily relevant to the ideal of fighting for an Islamic State, as we have seen from the Amazon order of Islam for Dummies by one British fighter bound for ISIS.
There is no question that these prisoners I am interviewing are committed to Islam; it is just their own brand of Islam, only distantly related to that of the Islamic State. Similarly, Western fighters traveling to the Islamic State are also deeply committed, but it’s to their own idea of jihad rather than one based on sound theological arguments or even evidence from the Qur’an. As Saltman said, “Recruitment [of ISIS] plays upon desires of adventure, activism, romance, power, belonging, along with spiritual fulfillment.” That is, Islam plays a part, but not necessarily in the rigid, Salafi form demanded by the leadership of the Islamic State."
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