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Would you like your brain strong or weak? Do you want to be smarter or .....
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voiceover demo -
20+ yrs experience in Commercial radio, TV & industrial videos, internet and system voicemail 
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Inhale. Deeply. 2. Look at Beautiful Images. We Love a Good Photograph...don't we! 3. Let the feelings engage and sweep through you. I know I can feel this...and I'll venture to guess you're feeling it too. 4. Revel in the gorgeousness Around You. Our senses are awakened when our eyes witness ...
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We Love a Good Photograph...don't we! I know I can feel this...and I'll venture to guess you're feeling it too. Our senses are awakened when our eyes witness the results of a photographer who understands how to capture a feeling, a moment, a this one's work does, unmistakably.
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People who have sex more often make more money...and people who don't have sex very often may actually earn 3% less... Have sex four or more times a week and make more money than your colleagues who have sex one or two times per week. Better get busy, huh! Have more sex, make more money.
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She's Trying a cigar for the first time - a fine George Rico -Gran Habano Gran Reserva 2009 Cigar!!! 
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Come and learn habits that build happiness.  Come to lower your blood pressure and begin to FEEL GOOD.  Come because it's a GREAT way to spend some time on a BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY!  Come cuz you haven't laughed like you were a KID in a VERY long time! not worry about the $5 Suggested Donation. WHEN I SAY truly a Pay-What-You-Can ..THAT is EXACTLY what I if you've only got a couple of quarters in your lint tray, that's PERFECT! We ...
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The start of the New Year is a great time for a fresh start. But change is tough. When I sold my real estate business, which I had built for 30 years, I was unprepared for the personal challenges I'd need to overcome. Reinventing myself in a new career was so much harder than I expected.
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“So I like to employ the power of no. We all want to say yes, because with yes comes so much opportunity, but with the power of no comes focus and engagement." --Jared Leto. I sat in a meeting about business strategy this week and one of the pieces of advice I gave the leadership team was that ...
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First Things Being First, Thank you Steven Covey! I once flew with a colleague and friend of Steven Covey as a seat mate...Steven Covey's Friend...Does that almost count as a Six Degrees of Separation standard? yeah, was memorable, nonetheless. I cannot say I have absorbed the Seven ...
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(e)FEELGOODNOW) "LIfe is meant to be FUN! Learn to make Feeling GOOD a priority watch as your Success Comes Running!"
Life is meant to be FUN! Base your life on gratitude, communication & authentic engagement. The results will astonish and overwhelm you with their beauty.  

HTE Services, A Social Media Engagement Agency - Leading individuals and companies to engage actively, create strong communication skills and deeper connections which will bring them more meaningful results, in business as in life. 

FEELGOODNOW...(find me on Empire Avenue). Make Feeling Good your FIRST priority daily...for then Fulfillment, Success, Joy, Prosperity may all begin to fall in line and arrive just in Time for your life's party!!! 

Engager, Speaker, Sailor, Writer, Blogger, Actor, Laughter Yoga Leader! I live Life as a Quest for Joy! 

it feels GOOD to HELP OTHERS **END** chronic pain!
and it feels GOOD to help others DIMINISH LINES and WRINKLES and have a clearer complexion improvement!!!
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Owner HTE SERVICES Social Media Specialists, Speaker, Certified Laughter Yoga Instructor, Voice Talent
Engagement and Communication, Happiness Speaker, Writer, Blogger and Engager
  • HTE SERVICES - A Social Media Engagement Agency
    Owner, 2013 - present
    Communication, gratitude or appreciation and engagement...we're realizing now that these are the greatest skills we can develop as humans who wish to live in a world that is happy, productive and prosperous. Dealing with chronic pain? me too. I am managing it now!
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I was writing to NSVW for a potential job interview because I LOVE Volkswagen and I would LOVE to sell them to other VW Lovers! So, I got a reply that they were happy I was interested in purchasing a Voilkswagen and I replied, somewhat tongue-in-cheek that 'someone' hadn't actually read my email. Little did I know, because there is no head's up to the potential customer or hopeful employee or whomever, that it IS an normally they are clearly stated as something like "So sorry for this Auto-reply but as it's either a holiday, a weekend of it's after hours. A real human will revew your email and get back to you ASAP. Am I right? I get a SCATHING reply from the Internet Sales guy when I mentioned as much. I'm talking scathing as in RUDE and ARROGANT...when really, I was offering some advice that he give people a headsup that the email is actually not written directly in response to their inquiry as otherwise, it appears disingenuous. I won't be going to Northshore Volkswagen for a job possibility and I'll find another dealer when I decide to finally purchase my next VW.
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LOATHESOME congregation. LOVE is NOT present in this congregation. Any gathering of people who can wait until the DAY before a funeral and then choose to cancel the ceremony are COMPLETELY and UTTERLY LACKING IN COMPASSION AND HUMAN UNDERSTANDING Most people are seeking a place of Love and Compassion...if you are one of these lovely kinds of people and looking for a church that represents Jesus in the way he would have wanted, THIS is not your church. Jesus, i guarantee you, is ASHAMED of this collection of angry, vengeful and hateful people. They are, however, NOT entirely without possibility as ANYONE can come to understand the error of their ways. If you give them the benefit of the doubt, you are indeed a person Jesus would honor, IMHO, and you deserve to evaluate this group for yourself. Just keep in mind the acts of which they have proven capable.
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