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Does cooking bring out the Viking in you? Here's your chance to fulfill your base instincts to forge food by fire, the Caveman and Viking Cookbook.
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that barley-lentil pot with blubber sounds really good. check please.
No, it brings out the Texan in me;Q. I don't really eat that way anymore.
That wouldn't stop me from looking at some of the things they used. One of the things that was common, at least fairly recent, was the use of almond milk. It lasted far better than the cow's did and I guess the Europeans hadn't quite learned how to make youghurt yet. haha
Not an actual Viking, but something perhaps older, if not quite caveman old, from the neighbourhood.

I also believe that there have been some ancient menus used for quite some time now. Some traditional dishes may still be quite close to the ancient ones, but unfortunately the old cooking traditions are breaking and vanishing these days.
However, with the help of the recent low-carb fashion, the stone age menu (well, sort of), has become more popular than ever, since the actual stone age cuisine.
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