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Not satisfied with your electric or crank pencil sharpener? Need to make a sharp point in your next missive? Hire a pencil sharpening pro!
"Just because something makes you smile or laugh ... doesn't mean it's a joke." REACQUAINT YOURSELF WITH THE PLEASURES OF A HAND-SHARPENED PENCIL. In New York's Hudson River Vall...
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He's got such a good site that I feel sure he has cornered the market.

I just wonder about the shavings though. I feel somehow it might be a way for him to divest himself of the tons of the stuff he would otherwise accumulate and have to take to the recycling center.
He's certainly tapped into a non-competitive niche! Interesting observation about the shavings. I think you may be onto something there.
I also think he is missing out in a different market of which he could take advantage - reconstituted pencils.
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