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A conversation with my friend +Pete Radke recently turned to the topic of podcasts. Do you listen to podcasts for work, ongoing education, news, entertainment? If so what are some of your favorites? I listen to Boagworld for Web stuff, This Week in Tech for tech/social and a lot from the BBC, NPR, etc. for other topics. How about you?
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+Pete Radke I listen to most of those and many on the link you shared to the G+ thread, but also picked up a few new ones that sound promising. Interesting to see how many I listened to in common with those folks. It seems like there is a pretty strong crossover between the nerd and skeptic communities. +Greg Knieriemen Thanks for the link, self-serving or not it sounds good. I've just subscribed and look forward to hearing it. You seem to get a lot of great guests as well.
Nice lists, thanks for the ideas! I have been guilty of listening to many TED talks, though I tend to gravitate toward the ones on nutrition and health.
+Leora Wenger TED rocks. I've watched a variety of topics. Though in this case, while I subscribe to the audio podcast I tend to watch the Ted Talks on my Mac as some do benefit more through video.
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