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Here is my 2nd circle share of People who love DOGS ♥ please comment if you'd like to me add you for next time x

The first circle with almost 500 Dog lovers in is here :))

If you don't want to be in just say so xxx If I've ""Plussed you"" you've been added :O)

Have a great weekend xxx Heidi
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Hi Heidi, what a great idea! We would love to be in the People who love DOGS <3
Thanks for sharing. I would like to be added.
Dogs-r-us. Thanks for the include :)
I wish we had the space & time to own a Boerboel like when I was a youngster. Fantastic soft, loving breed that would defend its property and residents with an unmatched ferocity ... ONLY if needed. Image a cross between a Lab and a Rott. Temperament of a Lab defensive nature and strength of a Rott.
no thanks required ♥ i'm happy to have found you all ! :))
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