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Heidi Anne Morris
Colour Creative Visual Artist & Italian Spinone Photographer ♌ I make @spinonegifts for fun.
Colour Creative Visual Artist & Italian Spinone Photographer ♌ I make @spinonegifts for fun.

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They asked that man for his time
so that he could link it to History.
They asked him for his hands,
because for trying times
nothing is better than a good pair of hands.
They asked him for his eyes
that once had tears
so that he should see the bright side
(the bright side of life, especially)
because to see horror one startled eye is enough.
They asked him for his lips,
parched and split, to affirm,
to belch up, with each affirmation, a dream
(the great dream)
they asked him for his legs
hard and knotted
(his wandering legs)
because in trying times
is there anything better than a pair of legs
for building or digging ditches?
They asked him for the grove that fed him as a child,
with it’s obedient tree.
They asked him for his breast, heart, his shoulders.
They told him
that that was absolutely necessary.
they explained to him later
that all this gift would be useless
unless he turned his tongue over to them,
because in trying times
nothing is so useful in checking hatred or lies.
and finally they begged him,
please, to go take a walk.
Because in trying times
that is, without a doubt, the decisive test.

In Trying Times by Heberto Padilla
~ from The Poetry of Our World ((HarperCollins 2000)
translated from the Spanish by Alastair Reid and Andrew Hurley


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I liked the pattern and colour of these plant 🌿 pots I saw yesterday 

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The Lonesome pine 

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We are mirrors in the sun and we brightly shine
We are singing and dancing in perfect time
There is nothing in the world that we can do
To stop the light of love come shining through

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Make Yarn Rope

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must Dye Pasta

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Cray Pas Oil Pastels (affiliate link):
Koi Field Sketch Watercolor Set (affiliate link):

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I love snorkelling - whether you're diving or swimming with your head under the water the sound of parrot fish eating is REALLY loud ! 
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