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To celebrate New Year 2014 and one year of my story commercialism, I offer FREE ebook! But it's only valid after you finish my survey. You may ask, "What kind of survey?" It's my personal survey regarding your reading preference. In order to service my readers better, I need to know what they like and think. Hence the survey.

All I can say is that DO NOT miss this rare offer! I don't give away my ebooks for free very often ;)

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The Curse of MS Word 2007
A few weeks ago, I noticed there was something strange when I was editing the source document of my latest story. It seems as if I had been careless and left many words glued together without spaces. However, it was impossible because I was certain that I h...

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Is Writing A Good Job Financially?
The answer can be yes and no. If you ask EL James - Fifty Shades writer - she will definitely answer yes. But if you ask me, I have to say no :(

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"You're A PORN Writer!"
Lately, I've had an unpleasant argument with an M/M fangirl. Basically, she said if a porn scene is filled with lots of non-sexual plots, it's still a PORN-WITH-LOTS-OF-PLOTS. So, I wrote to Smashwords: Let's say I write about a couple who struggle for thei...

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Timeless: Titanic Chapter - Part 1
is a serialized novel about love and reincarnation which spans
across ages, starting from ancient Egypt to the far future when the
universe meets its demise. Timeless saga started in ancient Egypt,
when the High Priest of Min named ...

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The Ordeal of Porn Ebooks
Lately, several online stores which sell ebooks have been on a mission: to purge porn ebooks from their stores! Self-published authors are to blame, from what I gather. The news however is ambiguous. While they stress on forbidden themes such as incest, rap...

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I'm currently addicted to playing Dragon Age: Origins. And I really love Alistair!

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I just published my interview using Smashwords' self-interview system. Fun! ^_^

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As a gay man, I don't know if I have to laugh or yell in anger... This so-called scientist from Nigeria used MAGNETS to prove that gays are unnatural. He said, it's GOD'S law! Yeah right... And people often ask me why I turn atheist....

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HEA/HFN vs ETR - happy end vs tragic end. Many people, including publishers, think that tragic stories don't sell because readers prefer happy end. Well, it's wrong! Look at Romeo and Juliet. Or James Cameron's Titanic. In this blog post, I share my opinion on the importance of tragic end/ ETR (epic tragic romance).
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