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Pop & Style Writer / Commentator

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How NOT to Market on Twitter

Perhaps you’ve already read, “Why Twitter Won’t Help Your Business.” The social network is extremely powerful as a marketing tool. You just have to know how to use it properly.

Twitter is ideal for frequent posting and fast results. If timing is crucial and you can be succinct, #Twitter may be just the place for you and your business. How do you build your following, shape your reputation, and become known as a subject matter expert? Follow these three simple steps.

Read itall here:

It’s NOT All about You

Refrain from putting links and hashtags in every tweet. Don’t talk about yourself too much. Don’t just add to the noise; focus on adding value and sharing relevant content. Personal tweets are more acceptable if you are your business.

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The Facebook Organic Reach Solution
Getting More Organic Reach From Your Facebook Posts

Organic reach for Facebook brand pages is down.  Gone are the days of post and they will come.  It’s is one of the biggest social media frustrations I run into when talking with small business owners.

"I’ve been seeing a number of posts in our personal feed lately requesting people to like, comment and share as a way to make sure “our posts show in your feed”.  It may help, but it’s a bandage.  It’s not a long-term strategy." - +Robert Nissenbaum 

If you want more organic reach, you'll need to work at it.  The starting point is understanding why reach has dropped.  Quite simply, Facebook made a decision to limit what we see in our personal timeline feeds.  Agree or not, this is what a business needs to play by and work with.  

How do you get more reach?

Facebook does give us some insight here.  They're looking for content that is timely, relevant to your fan base, from trusted sources and shareable.   

Are you scheduling out all of your Facebook post's?  

When there is a major event or trending topic, do you push back schedule content and craft new posts around those timely events?

Do you even know the make up and interests of your fan base?

Are there too many CTA's in your posts?

Think about your answers. They could very well be the reason your posts are not getting organic reach.  

Proof that huge organic reach is possible for even small pages are in the post.  

#BeTactical   #OrganicReach   #Facebook  

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How live-streaming will change campaigning, featuring the Livestream Broadcaster mini - via CNN

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[New Blog Post] Easter Sunday TV Plans? Watch #ADTheSeries  on NBC, it's the greatest story ever told like you've never seen before. (Premieres 9pm EST) +Hector Castillo Zuniga 

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Supermodel Carmen dell’ Orefice for L’OFFICIEL Azerbaijan
February 2015

Photo Credit: Alikhan

#fashion #fashioneditorial #fashionphotographer #fashionblogger

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