This Call for Proposals is a means to begin conversations about your ideas for these sites. Proposals are understood to represent ideas-in-development. Hidden City works with an Artistic Advisory Committee, Philadelphia Curatorial Steering Committee, site partners, and members of the community to evaluate proposals. This is not a juried show or competition. After the close of this initial call, we may continue to develop additional sites and proposals.

The Artistic Advisory Committee serves to connect Hidden City with artists and other collaborators worldwide. The Philadelphia Curatorial Steering Committee is made up of local leaders in the artistic, heritage, and urban studies fields. Both groups will help evaluate proposals and in some cases may offer technical or advisory assistance for projects.

Your Intellectual Property
Any ideas you submit we consider to remain your intellectual property and will not be published without your permission. Ideas will be reviewed only by Hidden City staff and advisory committees. We recognize that if we are not able to realize your idea, you may still wish to do so in a different time and context.
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