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You hurt one of us, you get problems with all of us.
You hurt one of us, you get problems with all of us.

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Oh Tao...I'm sure he will forgive you. And if he doesn't, maybe you guys weren't meant to be friends. But be strong Tao. I'll cry and be sad in your place so you don't have to. It's okay, we'll be alright. Stay strong, and remember you don't have to cry because I'll cry for you so you don't have to feel those negative emotions. It's okay.
I will always support and forgive tao, Kris and luhan.😢

Source: Sina
Translated by: shuaijerks

In May 2014, when his good friend and group mate, Kris Wu, announced his exit from EXO and his contract termination (lawsuit) with SM, Huang Zitao condemned his “wild ambition” and “betrayal” with no mercy. Yet, within a year, he himself also announced his exit from the group, termination, and was condemned for “slapping his own face.”

Is there anything you are truly remorseful for? Something that you feel you did wrong?

“There is.”

What is it?

“The things I’ve done to Kris Wu. If I could switch it to the person I am now, I would definitely support his choice at the time. Now, I don’t know if he would forgive me or not.”

Sina: This April, when you decided to withdraw from EXO and terminate your contract with SM, were you worried? Because when Kris and Luhan withdrew from the group, you said they “betrayed,” you weren’t afraid fans would say you were “slapping your own face?”

Tao: There would definitely be fans who say negative things, but if I’m taking this step, I can’t regret. My personality then was definitely very impulsive, I may have said a lot of things I shouldn’t have said and done a lot of things I shouldn’t have done. However, the me now feels regret. I am changed now and I won’t make the same mistake in the future.

Actually, when I talked about Kris that way at the time, it was also because of personal feelings. At the time, out of the group, I was closest to Kris but I didn’t know why he had to leave. When I got out of bed and saw the news, that was when I found out he left. So, I impulsively posted that.

I really thought of him as a really good brother, a really good friend, but he didn’t tell me when he left. At the time, I wrote a lot of words about from when I met him to when we debuted, the experiences from training days to now, I wrote it all down.

Sina: Why don’t you post it? It would be touching.

Tao: Because, at the time, I was still in the group, I had to care about EXO and I couldn’t just post it for him. Actually, at the time, I asked our manager if I should post those impulsive words and he said I could post it. I also asked other friends and they told me not to post it no matter what, a lot of people will definitely say things. But the manager said: Just post it, it’s fine. It is good for your group. 
In the end, I decided to post it. It was torturing to be stuck between two sides.

Sina: So afterwards, did you ever communicate with Kris and Luhan?

Tao: I contact Luhan often, but I don’t know whether Kris would forgive me or not. I’m afraid he might think of what I’ve posted back then.

If there is an opportunity, I would say to him: That time was really just me being impulsive. If I could change to now, I’d definitely support you. I also hope everything goes well for him and hope he could listen to my thoughts.

Sina: Out of these things, what is the thing you’ve done that you really regret?

Tao: The incident regarding Kris.

Sina: Just this?

Tao: This incident, yeah. Because this was an incident that caused a pretty big impact, I would actually sometimes think about it. 
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SM should just let EXO rest and see their families for a couple months. I mean they already are hurt enough. I just wish SM would let them rest. And by rest, no. I DO NOT mean a couple days off. I mean like 2 months at least. I genuinely don't see how SM can do this? I mean, if you work your artists to hard SM, they'll leave. Luhan and Yi Fan did. Zitao will probably leave too. Im not saying they're a horrible company, or that SM should run out of buisness or anything. I only want them to give the artists at least 2 months of rest once in a while. 
Yixing's physiotherapist on his chronic waist injury. Its so upsetting to see and hear about Yixing's injury. Yixing and EXO really need a break from their schedules!!! +XINGMI MEIGENI+THE ONE AND ONLY MISS ZHANG YIXING+Park ji young+sarah haroon​
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✘  ᖇᗩᑎᗪᗝᗰ [ иσ °22]〜
✄ Meme/Picture made by someone Tblr ✄ ✔ ✘ x x ✘

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omgosh lookie~ this is probably never gonna happen but it would be nice!! to everyone out there!!

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Hello everyone~ I'm Heaven, and I'm an ASC addict....haha. It's also a serious dream of mine to become an idol. I'm working on my dancing, but I can't sing XD I like to rap, or pretend I can. It's nice to meet all of you~

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So True....My Friends were like what is that Asian s*it ur listing to and I'm like...kpop😏

Hello! My bias is Zitao. Anyone wanna chat? Im a little bored and frustrated, I'm teaching myself the dance to Adore U by Seventeen and I am getting Jeonghan's part wrong T-T

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an edit :-) I'm not very proud but, this was just an experiment to test out meh new program xD
like the quote though... may redo it sometime since the quotes nice, i dunno :P

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