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What will people say? This statement has over the years, send many women to an untimely death all in the name of managing situations in order not to be stigmatized by the society but come to think of it, is death trap an institution? So, why manage what you are supposed to walk away from alive than hanging in there and be buried.
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Relationship can be funny
Yes! Funny and creepy sometimes
That it makes no sense at all
Seeing all that is built for years
Ends up like a bean chaff
Allograph left in our hearts with sad
Memories piercing into our today
Like a marauding darts

Take a look at how we connect
With each other like we met yesterday
How we overlook our possible flaws
That others magnify with spiritual eyes
Sacrificing our precious time without
Taking a useless dime

I'm not taking any aspect of me for granted
Cos' respect how I've built my confidence
amidst my daily incompetence
And loving my insecurities so as to
Damn unforseen consequences

No one can tell how the day turns night
Yet the morning comes with light
Without the Sun and the moon involved
In it's brilliance....
Oh! once upon a time
There was a love affair between the
Sun and the moon but their love didn't end
Happily ever after in the sky

"I love you" is easier said than done
Yet many don't know that love is an action word backed up by responsibility
And it doesn't matter if women are known
For endless needs nor that men crave
Sex to function each passing day
What really counts is if we truly value what we share

It's inexplicable how funny
Things can simply make us feel alive again
How a man leaves his father's house
To become one with the love of his life
You see, such a relationship can't
Be talked about without love
It is Impossible to talk about
Love without God
It's difficult to talk about God
Without a connection
A connection, consciously built over time
Because all that God wants from you & I
Is our relationship with Him.
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