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Heathrow Gatwick Transfers providing transport services from Heathrow and Gatwick
Heathrow Gatwick Transfers providing transport services from Heathrow and Gatwick

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This year we had %98.75 customer satisfaction, Thanks for all HGT staff and customers 

Gatwick and Heathrow is running as usual,  Our service is running as normal during the Christmas period

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The Christmas exodus has begun!

It’s begun!  The heady rush of Brits going abroad to celebrate Christmas and the New Year!  It is expected that around 4 million people will depart through our airports, with approximately 1.7 million going through Heathrow alone!  With many travelling via the ferry across the English Channel and by the Channel Tunnel, this Friday (20th December) through to Christmas Eve will be the peak travel dates.

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From this month we have started shuttle service between Heathrow and Gatwick airport. Hope it will help budget travelers. 

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Lapland calling…
As Christmas draws nearer, the call of meeting Santa Claus – no, not the man dressed in red with a white beard in the Grotto – from many a child (and some adults!) in his homeland of Lapland starts to ring in our ears.

Philippines devastation; Sydney tunnel disaster; and the Northern Lights!

Last week, we were all humbly remembering our war heroes; this week we’re humbly looking on the devastation wrought upon the beautiful Philippines by Typhoon Haiyan, where all their hotels, with the exception of one, have been destroyed.

The deadly category-5 Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines just a few days ago, causing catastrophic damage to homes, hotels, and even an entire tourist town – Bantayan Island – which was flattened by this record-breaking storm.  These beautiful islands rely heavily on their tourism industry which is traditionally strong, but with many tourists still stranded, coasts devastated, thousands losing their lives, and resorts looking virtually abandoned, cancellations are rising by the hour!  Although the Typhoon hit just 6 of the country’s islands (there are over 7,000 islands in total!), major popular resorts including Palawan, Boracay, Bohol and Cebu are seeing cancellation rates as high as 40% as tourists shy away from this gorgeous destination, which is such a shame considering there are so many other islands making up the Philippines that are untouched.

As relief pours in to the country to help them clear up and re-build their buildings and their lives, remember that there is so much more to enjoy in the Philippines than the 6 islands hit by the storm.  Don’t cancel, just divert to another of the islands and keep the vital tourism trade alive so that they people of this beautiful country can repair the damage.

As we reflect on the Philippines devastation, we hear about the lorry carrying a container that literally opened up a huge tear in the roof of a tunnel in Sydney, Australia.  Captured on CCTV, which is, of course, doing the rounds online, the accident caused extensive damage and huge traffic queues for many travelling in and around the city.  It is believed the truck driver accidentally knocked the lorry’s tipping mechanism switches while reaching for his glasses… surely he should have put his glasses on before starting his journey?  Quite unbelievable!

On to end on a brighter note, next month is said to provide people with the best opportunity to see the Northern Lights in over a decade!  Of course, there are no guarantees, but reports of amazing sightings are already coming in with the promise of better to come!  NASA scientists believe that the current solar maximum activity will reach its peak next month; so much so that they have predicted that by December, there should be a ‘solar flip’ – for those of us not in the know, that’s a ‘complete field reversal’ of the sun’s polar magnetic fields!  NASA’s predictions were backed up by the Wilcox Observatory who has recorded an increase in cosmic rays, solar flares and sunspots.  There is no guarantee that you’ll see the Northern Lights – any cloudy night will mask any activity – but with this year giving you the best opportunity, book your Northern Lights trip now!

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This year’s Remembrance Sunday is a time to remember our soldiers, those who lost their lives for others, not just in the historic World Wars, but also in more recent wars in foreign countries.  The statistics alone from World War I are enough to remind us what was sacrificed all those years ago for our freedom – around 20,000 British soldiers died on the first day of the Battle of the Somme; almost 12,000 Commonwealth soldiers are buried at Tyne Cot cemetery, near Ypres, and an additional 35,000 are listed as missing; over 250 tonnes of unexploded munitions are found every year along the Western Front, the result of 1.45 billion shells fired between the Allies and the Germans over four years of hell.  Throughout the UK, there are just 52 villages, known as the ‘Thankful Villages’, that welcomed home all their soldiers from the First World War; none are in Northern Ireland or Scotland.  In France, there is only one…  and that’s just from one war.

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Low cost airlines leading the way!

When it comes to adding new routes and cutting charges, it appears that the low cost airlines are leading the way!  But then it’s the low cost airlines that have to deal with narrower margins and can’t afford to sit back and wait to see what happens; they need the business, they go out there and get it!

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Aeroflot, Emerald Waterways and the Hyperloop!

This week, it’s a matter of new starts; in the air, on the water and… well, how do we describe it?  We’ll come to that later…  Firstly, let’s talk about air; formerly considered a highly accident-prone airline, Russian carrier, Aeroflot, has announced their plans for launching low cost flights.  Due to be start next year out of Moscow airport, and service the cities of the country, it is hoped that expansion to international destinations, including Kiev, Istanbul and Barcelona will follow.

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Gatwick follows suit with their own runway plans!

We raised the idea last week… another runway but outside of London.  Now, 60 years after the thought was first put aside, Gatwick Airport’s new owners have submitted their proposals for a new runway to the Davies Commission...
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