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Heather Perdigon

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Listen to the this!

Heather Perdigon

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"In this summer of violence, as I’ve allowed myself to feel this season of grief, I’ve also begun to feel a flicker of hope."
An hour before gunshots rang out in Dallas, I was playing a game of basketball with my kids in the driveway—a game called Around the World, in which it’s every man, boy, and little girl for themsel…

Heather Perdigon

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The gun sits on the car seat beside him. He watches the people lined up outside the club. People? More like swine. Robotic pigs, programmed to get into lines, to work and to sweat all day and then,…

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On #DCAllAccess, the #LegendsOfTomorrow cast teases events in Season 2, including how it will follow in the footsteps of #TheFlash and #Arrow!
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I’m good enough. I’m smart enough. And doggone it, people like me. Those are the famous words of the Saturday Night Live character, Stuart Smalley, beloved for the humorous way in which he borrowed…

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"All of life is inviting us. To turn away from our distractions. To let go of our dread. To be attentive." ~ Dr. Kelly Flanagan
“Dad.” Pause. “Daddy.” Shorter pause. “Dad!” Almost imperceptible pause. “Daaaadddddyyyyy!” My eyes remain locked on my computer screen. In other words, I first respond to my youngest son, Qu…

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I’m just standing here, staring at the empty insides of my kitchen pantry. For an embarrassing number of years, most of this closet’s storage space had been wasted on items long expired: brown sugar (which I’d used only to bake cookies that one time); all-purpose flour (whose sole purpose was to

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When I met my first mentor I wasn’t impressed by his expensive car, his multi-million dollar business, or even how he managed hundreds of people. No, I was impressed by how humble he was and how many question he kept asking ME. I thought to myself: Here’s…
Successful people always stay a student for all of their life. You can learn something from every single person; in a way, you're always a pupil of someone.
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What I did over the weekend...
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With a will to grow nothing can stand in your way.

I am a Christian, but please don't prejudge me and I will absolutely not prejudge you.  I have a uniquely quirky sense of humor - somewhat dark at times and definitely weird at times.  I'm a geek - love obscure cultural references - play PC games - read a huge range of books and listen to so many different types of music I would not want to attempt to list them all.  I try very hard to be open minded (but not so that my brain falls out) and listen to other people opinions and be respectful.  I am a supporter of LGBT right - human rights in general - and a lover of all kinds of people.  Someday I want to have my own Life Coaching business - I have completed my Master's degree and working on certification for coaching.  I write...don't know if I'll ever be published, but I have to write, so I write.  Finally - I love visual stimulation - photos, art, videos, etc.  That is most of me...I'm still a work in progress, after all

Graduated Sun Valley high school June 1985

Had son, Christian, December 1988

Met future husband, Armando, September 1997

Got engaged April 1998 and was blessed with stepson, William

Married husband September 1999

Completed BA May 2002

Became grandmother to Jacob March, 2004

Became grandmother to Kelsey August, 2006

Became grandmother to Jennison July, 2007

Became grandmother to Xavier March, 2010

Completed Masters degree - September 2012

Became grandmother to Gabriel December, 2013

Circles I should be placed in:  Christian, aspiring writer, game geek, sci fi geek, dog lover, animal lover, movie geek, art lover, photography appreciator, technophile, music aficionado, life coach in development, psychology major, appreciator of people, supporter of equal rights for all people.

"How about believe what you want to believe and I won't judge you or try to make you believe what I believe. I'll believe what I want to believe and you don't judge me or try to make me believe what you believe. Sound good? Let's do that then."  Me, 8/1/12 :-)

TWITTER:  @willtogrow

Bragging rights
Casework Supervisor
  • County of Delaware
    Casework Supervisor, 1998 - present
  • Therabite Corporation
    Administrative Assistant/Office Manager, 1993 - 1998
  • Trevor's Campaign for the Homeless
    Volunteer Coordinator/Office Manager, 1991 - 1993