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Heather Leson

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The Humanitarian UAV Network (UAViators) is now live. Click here to access and join the network. Advisors include representatives from 3D Robotics, AirDroids, senseFly & DroneAdventures, OpenRe...
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Heather Leson

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you have no idea how relevant this is to me right now. I think i'll print it and put it in my cubicle.
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Heather Leson

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This remains one of the most important talks I heard last year. Robin Chase of ZipCar on why we need a Peer Economy to focus on real world problems. (via Personal Democracy Forum)
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Heather Leson

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+Justine Mackinnon -Jus for you and CrisismappersUK
The Crisis Response is currently monitoring the flooding situation in the UK, which is currently affecting tens of thousands across the country. Stay tuned for updates and resources related to this event which we'll try to share here.
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Heather Leson

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Still time to add your voice #stopspying
In just a few hours, over 10,000 Canadians have spoken out against mass spying on law-abiding citizens. See which MPs have already taken a stand - and help push your MP to support our right to privacy at 

Make your voice heard at:
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I'm hosting a "What are you doing Open Data Day?" Hangout. Join us? Share your stories.
Open Data Day is global with 108 events planned.

What are you doing Open Data Day? Your event can be as large or small as you decide. Just make it local and join us globally.

In this session, we invite Open Data leaders to share their stories.

Special Guests: all of you plus Simeon Oriko of Open Institute in Kenya, Diane Mercier OKF Canada Ambassador (Montreal), Johanna Picciano of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Hal Seki of Code for Japan.

All welcome. 

Some Resources:

The session will be approximately 30 minutes, however, if the community wishes to talk for an hour, this is welcome.

Host - Heather Leson (Please be sure that she has your email address to add you)
What are you doing on Open Data Day?
Wed, February 12, 12:00 PM

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Heather Leson

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Thanks to Aspiration Tech for teaching great facilitation skills:

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Heather Leson

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Glad to be able to catch up on this thread. well done answering everything
Last week, several members of our team hosted an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit: we sat down to answer any and all of your top questions on the team. Thanks to all those who participated--we were really impressed with the questions! Several folks wanted to know how we measured success or what we do on an average day. Members of the mapping community asked how to get involved with crisis response work. We even got a question about rescue robots! The team got to most of your questions--check out our AMA page for the full Q&A. Hopefully, it gives a look under the hood of what we do.
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Idea hacker, Community builder

Bridging people and technology is my calling.  

We own and are responsible for our decisions, hope, relationships, personality and integrity. Once this is clear and you love, the world becomes a better place. I think John Ralston Saul is right: if everyone volunteered a few hours a week just think how their lives and the lives around them would change. Lend a hand and build dreams with smiles.



  • University of Oxford
    Media Policy Summer Institute, 2012 - 2012
  • Carleton University
    Political Science, History, 1989 - 1994
Basic Information
Idea Hacker/Community Builder
Open source Community and project management, technical incident management, software life-cycle development, customer care, and Internet communications.
  • Humanitarian OpenStreetMap
    Board Member, 2013 - present
  • Open Knowledge Foundation
    Director of Community Engagement, 2013 - present
    Heather is the Community Engagement Director at Open Knowledge Foundation, a role in which she exercises her passion for community-building, storytelling, and idea hacking. She is leading a project to foster Open Data community specifically focused on the developing world.
  • Ushahidi
    Director of Community Engagement, 2011 - 2013
    Heather created and managed programs for Ushahidi’s diverse community, and mentored members of its open-source developer ecosystem.
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