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Wearable Art By +Sandra ArtfullyMade 
Another Design Team Genius is at it again!!
Be sure to see the entire process of this beauty.
The time has come for us to Make our art and Wear it too!
The first round of projects from the Kraaft Shaak design team have been shared, and now we are moving onto another great month of Kreative Sparks! For the month of May, we hope to get everyone wearing their art! Each week, a ...
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Heather Kraafter

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I have my Wine Bowl filled to the brim...and my close friends are all in the green room!
We begin this party in just about 15 minutes...are you going to join us???
Game show in a Hangout

Should be a blast!
+Debi Davis   and +Andrew Hatchett   vs
 +Heather Kraafter   and +Heather Kraafter   

Come join in the fun
Google Plus Community =  So come watch Friday night at 10pm Eastern.

HISTORY of our game show idea
We have been having game night in a couple of our communities on Friday nights for a few months now.  
So a couple of us have decided to put together a show (HINT: maybe a few shows) for the public to see, watch and participate.
If you are interested please come out and watch. Come join the
NEW Game show Community:
This will be tons of fun and should be very entertaining.

As always I send this to the Game Show community so you get an invite.  I also have a game show circle I send this to and do not want to be SPAMMY .  So if you want out of the circle or the community, please let me know.
Also, if you share this event with other people please make sure they want it!  I really don't want to be Spammy!!
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Heather Kraafter

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Throw Back Thursday
A blast from the not so distant past...I wish to celebrate national coffee day EVERY day, thank you very much!
Today I embrace COFFEE!

Here ya go Kraafters!
A card I made from the stamp I carved inspired by +Sandra ArtfullyMade and using the wonderful sentiment +Susan Gardner sent me a little while back.  I finally have a stamp set I can use with that great wording!
I say SET because I also carved little faces to fit the mood I want to portray.

I chatted about this and Change is good in this morning's #MondayMeanderings  

I ordered some EZ Mount today +Tina Van Eick so I will be able to properly stamp these for cleaner end results but for now - I AM SO HAPPY!

What are you working on this Monday morning?   #Stamps   #Cards   #Crafting  
Let us know!
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should be +Dawn Swick-Renshaw ! It is for us!!!! :)
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Heather Kraafter

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A watercolor painting of a handrawn cottage I did some time ago.
Painted today during the KIT with the most awesome group of Kraafters!!
I finished it off by using my alcohol markers and artist pitt pens to add details.
I am very pleased with how it turned out.

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I would say it is worthy of being in a children's story book..... reminding me of a gingerbread house or a Hansel and Gretel scene. Great stuff Heather.
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Heather Kraafter

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The Grand Finale!

I do hope you enjoy this final installment of the Red Poppies in a Turquoise Sky
There is a completed list of supplies, close ups and the entire process recorded for your enjoyment of all FOUR episodes.

Thanks for joining me on the journey of Turquoise and Red color challenge for the +Kraaft Shaak April Kraafters Challenge. It surely has been a lot of fun.

Congratulations to Kraafters Kommunity member +Gwen Dolata for winning your choice of an exclusive hand engraved wine glass or coffee mug from +RWW Engraving - I can not wait for you to get an original piece of heARTwork from +jay richardson !!

Pin it for later consumption:

Please share and leave a know I love your feedback!
The final installment of the four part series to this 24
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thanks a bunch +Mia Voss this one was a TON O' Fun!
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Heather Kraafter

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I am starting something new to me - Tag It Tuesday link up party!

+Sheri Whitfield started this awesome thing where each month she announces a theme for us to play along with and then gives us a place to link all of us together.

April's theme has been anything to do with rain.

I used a GIANT #12 tag to create this April showers bring May flowers tag.
I hope you will stop in and leave us some comments - we just love comments.
It may not be Tuesday, but I am linking up to the Tag It Tuesday party over at Cards and More by Sheri. Stop in and see the other party goers.
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I made it, a week late +Dana S. ! LOL
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Heather Kraafter

>>WATCH NOW - shows! (owner only)  - 
Hello Kraafters!

Monday Meanderings is back today and this time we are giving away a wonderfully handmade item to the color challenge winner.

JOIN US and see if YOUR name was picked.
8 am Pacific
9 am Mountain
10 am Central
11 am Eastern
#KSCAPR15   #ShesKraafty  
We chit chat a bit about craft news, show off artwork and sometimes have deep discussions about coffee, sleep and other important issues of life!! I do hope you will join us and be a part of the show.
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Heather Kraafter

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Have you ever wanted to participate in Plusword?
Here is your chance!!!

Come celebrate with us... the 1 year anniversary!!
Saturday May 16th.............

One year anniversary of our recorded Game shows

Hello Folks,
Since it is our one year anniversary on May 16th we will be conducting a very special Game show.

Many folks from the UK and in Europe have always wanted to participate but unfortunately with the time difference they have been unable to attend.  I would like to reach out to these folks and invite them into this Special episode. So +Sheila Strover +Phil Aston +James Dearsley +Nazim Beltran +martin shervington this is just to name a few.  There are plenty more.  I want all of you.

We will have a hangout from 3pm to 9pm Eastern time.
Everyone is invited.  I would love to have everyone that has been on the show in the past year to come on in.  I am going to try to get as many people in the hangout at varying times.

Please come join the fun.  When I get the Event created I will come back and add the Event link to this post.

Please pass the word!

+Andrew Hatchett +Debi Davis +Heather Kraafter +Terry Leigh Britton 

+Scott Scowcroft +Susan Finch +Rayne Dowell +Mia Voss +Christine DeGraff +Rhonda Wall +Russ Worthington +Leila Martin +Jim Burwell +Sherrill Anderson +Pat Richley-Erickson +Kate Bowyer +Phil Bowyer +Sheila Hensley +Lon McClure +John Brown +Kim Armstrong +Mike Powers +Meloney Hall +John Jurkiewicz +Jessica Dewell +Sandy Barnett +Sandra VanSickle +roxanne davenport +Ronnie Bincer +Kristin Drysdale +Lany Sullivan +Michael Thomas +Bill Graham +Meilani MacDonald +Ros Betts +richard clarkson +Sandra ArtfullyMade +Sheri Whitfield +Sylvia Tabor +Prema Qadir +Leslie ONeill 

These are folks that we have had on the show in the past or regulars in the audience.  Not meant to be a total list just went through a bunch of the last few shows and added folks.  

Thank you for your support!

#GameShowHangout   #Plusword  
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Thank you for the re-share +Heather Kraafter 
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Heather Kraafter

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A post is up on the blog - but not just any post.  It is my #WOIW  PAIN PROJECT.
The entire process written out for YOU! with pictures too.  

I would love it if you would come along with me on this ride and let me know what you think...unless you hated it - then keep that to yourself!  

Honestly, this was a deep piece, it had a lot of therapeutic properties for me and I am happy to share it.  I hope it is able to help someone else as well.
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I like it. I mean how honest can you be.
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Heather Kraafter

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Jing in my Art Journal...this Dylusions journal has got me experimenting in a BIG way!!!
I painted her over the background. To see it coming through makes her look more dreamy.
Fun stuff!

I played with a slew of products last night.
Just you wait!!!
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Heather Kraafter

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Today's show was a fabulous time!
Special thanks to everyone who came by!
Without you it is just no fun!

Super special thanks to +Sylvia Tabor and +Sheri Whitfield for wrangling comments and keeping me on track.  It is always more fun with friends!

If you missed it, you can catch the show at the Video Treasure Chest page:

Here are some shots of the finished piece - boy was the color off on my camera today!!!  This is truly how bright my colors are!!

Colors used:
Lindy's Stamp Gang Magicals available in the Kraaft Shaak store:
Flat Magicals Caribbean Cruise set, I used the Mango Mania and Carribean Blue
Under The Boardwalk set (Limor Webber Design) I used Tilt-a-Wheel Teal and Orange Creamsicle.
I mixed with water, mixed with Liquitex fluid matte medium and I mixed that with gesso.
I also used Prima's 3D gloss gel through the stencil and I used Prima flowers and finished it off in the Aafter Kraafter Paarty with some Glass Glitter by Finnabair in Copper.

WHEW! that was really fun!
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Heather Kraafter

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We all have the same amount...
I love this inspiring post by +Dustin W. Stout and just had to share it!!

I am looking at my week in a whole new light - thanks Dustin.

What are you doing with your 168 hours?
I will be sleeping for 42 - 49 of them so that really leaves me with 126 hours to play work with.

I better get moving!
Dustin W. Stout originally shared:
Good Morning Google+!

A new week begins and you have 168hrs to make it count. 7 days at 24hrs each. What are you going to do with it? 

Everyone has the same 24hrs in their day. The same 24hrs that lie before you are the same as +Larry Page, Bill Gates, +Daymond John, +Mark Cuban and +Guy Kawasaki. The only difference— they have built a significant amount of leverage to work for them in that 24hrs.

But they all started somewhere. And they didn’t make excuses as to why they couldn’t create more hours in the day. 

So get up. Eyes wide open. Grab a cup of joe and fire up your creative engines. It’s time to make something happen today.

Even if it’s just one step forward on your future. If only one small nudge in the direction of your dream— that’s all that matters. 

C’mon crew, let’s do this. Make Monday happen, don’t let Monday happen to you. 

#dailykickinthepants   #creativity   #inspiration  
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Thanks for sharing +Heather Kraafter! :D
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Helping the world find their crafty bone, one inky mess at a time.
First and foremost, I am a child of the One True King, who is blessed to be married to my best friend and privileged to stay home and raise my boys. 

I began the Kraaft Shaak in 2010 as a way to experiment with crafting mediums and to teach others what I have learned and have come to enjoy as my creative passion.  

My art is a reflection of my faith and if you look close enough nearly every piece has a little more story hidden in the message. Each piece I create is one of a kind and crafted by hand.  No two will ever be the same!

You can find my Kraaft adventures on my website where my wacky and not always totally successful craft attempts are recorded. Better yet, join in on the LIVE stuff to really see the fumbles.  It is all there on the site.

Be sure to visit Kraaft Shaak page for all the pictures and details, following the antics there ensures you never miss another beautiful piece of heART!

If you want in depth look into who I really am and where the Kraaft Shaak came from, please read these wonderful write ups:

I have also been featured on many Hangouts as a guest or even a participant in game shows.  Check them all out in the playlist below:

I use my Google + personal profile as a way to interact with other like minded folks who may be interested in crafts, mixed media, art and art journalling as a way of expressing themselves.
I also post about web tips and tricks such as using G+ Hangouts, Business Hangouts, website tools, social media tips & tricks and anything I think will help a small business person just like me.

I enjoy sharing great & helpful content when I see it - yours may be next!

Some of my favorite people & businesses who have helped me get here:

Ronnie Bincer, the Hangout Helper aka GENIUS!

Business Hangouts, an app that turns your hangouts into a smooth operator!

Debi Davis - communication guru, organizational whiz, process queen and all around great gal.  She helped me grow to where I am today and not one minute of one day goes by that I am not reminded of all she has taught me!

Jason T. Wiser, the best web design, support system, hosting site around! turned my website into the fast moving, hot looking Ferrari I drive now.

Social Warfare, the best social sharing tool for my website and yours too probably.

PicMonkey, an online photo editing tool that even THIS monkey can operate!
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Handsome hubby who loves me genuinely, surviving the raising of boys, a delightful daughter in law and a gorgeous granddaughter and twins are on their way now too...they are all the legacy of my efforts.
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manipulate paper, paint and other mediums into fabulous works of art...or just play as if I know what I am doing.
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    I perform live events on and off camera to show people just HOW to create something from the heart using the latest techniques, and some old ones too, with no limits on the "rules" of crafting. Be sure to visit my YouTube channel, Kraaft Shaak to watch as we make crafting real. Dubbed the "every day crafter" for my style is never to be perfect but rather to explore!
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