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Heather Horton
I like peanut butter in my chocolate.
I like peanut butter in my chocolate.

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I found my Garfield #pez dispenser so at last I can hate Mondays and love lasagna while eating terrible candy.

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Happy #HumpDay everybody! Find someone to hug

Liam Neeson is at the mechanic getting his brakes done today. LA traffic is hard on a pimp. #minicooper

The yard sale is over! The pretty princess crown and canary yellow microphone windscreen did not sell. Tragedy.

If a guy steering a bicycle w/ 1 hand cuz he's carrying a large duffel bag can let go & signal a turn then you can put your damn blinker on!

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Friday in the house! #TGIF

The yard sale is happening this weekend and my apartment currently feels like mousetrap when it's time to eat. #whomovedmycheese

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Get it girl. Happy #HumpDay! #BobsBurgers

I bought a new lunchbox and I haven't been this excited about something related to food since cookies. #yumbox

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Me too Betty. Me too. #StPatricksDay #TGIF
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