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Social Media Marketing Manager
Social media, marketing, SEO, branding, blogging, copywriting, advertising
  • Elevation Marketing
    Social Media Marketing Manager, present
  • ClearVoice Content
    Brand Manager & Contributing Journalist, 2011 - 2014
  • Mercer Advisors
    Social Media Manager & Copywriter, 2006 - 2009
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Scottsdale, AZ
Phoenix, AZ - Tempe, AZ - Prescott, AZ
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Elevation Marketing, Mesa, AZ
Heather Ferris Lehman fights the Warren Harding Error!
I'm a narcoleptic insomniac with a brain tumor. 

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Heather Ferris
  • Arizona State University
    English Literature, 1998 - 2003
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Heather Ferris-Lehman

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The Impact Of Mobile On Social Media 
Mobile devices are changing social interactions, in consequence compelling businesses to reassess how they approach and use social media to carry out marketing.
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Heather Ferris-Lehman

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I really liked writing this one. 
Thought leadership is one of the best, most proven ways to build brand recognition, especially in the B2B sphere.

via +Heather Ferris Lehman
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Heather Ferris-Lehman

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Heather Ferris-Lehman

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Check out our new Google+ tab on Facebook!
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Heather Ferris-Lehman

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Build your +Klout in #2014! 
New year, new you.

Kick off 2014 by using our top social media tips.
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Heather Ferris-Lehman

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Heather Ferris-Lehman

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Choosing the Right B2B Marketing Agency: Digital vs. Integrated via @msm360
When choosing a B2B marketing firm to represent your business, the first question you’ll ask is: Should we hire a digital or fully integrated agency?
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Heather Ferris-Lehman

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Yeah, today's been fun at work. 
ORDER UP! Our creative team decided to be In-N-Out Burger employees for our Halloween costume contest! Check out this awesome video! ‪#‎agencylife‬ ‪#‎InNOut‬
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Heather Ferris-Lehman

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+Matt Heinz, president at +Heinz Marketing Inc, talks #content #marketing for sales and how to create content that nurtures prospective leads.
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Heather Ferris-Lehman

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Ladies and gentlemen, I give you THEEE most accurate comic from +Matthew Inman (The Oatmeal) I've ever had the pleasure of reading. If you are a digital content creator, you will laugh, cry, scream and weep while reading this. It's brilliant.

"Sounds like a soul-sucking chore that does not challenge my creative abilities whatsoever. I'll have it done in an hour!" 
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Heather Ferris-Lehman

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How has #SEO changed over the years? Check out our recent post.
Little did I know, all of this tech-y SEO lingo I could barely comprehend in 2009 was only the very tip of an iceberg of information I now know as the search marketing industry.
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I came in to be a hair model and Jody was AMAZING. I have never in my life loved my haircut more than I do now. Jody was great at sticking to the rules of the class but giving me, a sort of tomboy with little to no desire to do my hair on a daily basis, a cut that looks professional and spectacular but requires very little upkeep. Cannot recommend this salon and Jody highly enough!
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UPDATE: Five people from SWAT towing have been arrested as the culmination of a 2 year investigation into their shady practices. San Marin is still allowing them to take advantage of residents. The problem here is three-fold:1) They allow a notoriously predatory towing company to make judgment calls in the middle of the night on whether or not their own tenants are parked correctly. They appear to be more interested in allowing this predatory company (with a Better Business Bureau grade of C-!) to make money off their residents than in protecting those residents from predatory charges as well as the massive headache caused by getting one's car back from an impound lot that is nowhere near their home. After they were parked, you know, in the parking lot at their home.2) They fail to inform their residents that they are in constant danger of being towed in the middle of the night if one or more of the vehicles around them move. The signs posted all over warn only that "unauthorized vehicles" will be towed. Nothing about "authorized vehicles deemed parked incorrectly by some guy in a tow truck in the middle of the night making money off the residents" will be towed. Nope. Just "UNAUTHORIZED VEHICLES." And those spots on the east side are incredibly narrow. They know it, and they know most cars are going to be over the white line, yet there is no warning to residents (either posted or a little heads up when signing the lease) to avoid going over the white line even if it means not being able to park in their own homes. (And of course they don't tell residents that! Their response would be, "Hold mean to tell me that if I'm going to be over the white line, I should leave the apartment complex and park blocks away from my own house?! Because it's more important to you that the towing company make money off your residents than your residents are protected? Hmm...let me think again about whether or not I want to sign this lease and live at a place that cares so little about its residents.") Which leads me to...3) When this does happen, their response is to tell you that you "should've taken a picture"! You should've taken a picture. The apartment manager of the place where you live will inform you that the onus is on YOU, the paying resident, to prove that your "authorized vehicle" shouldn't have been towed in the middle of the night by a notoriously predatory towing company and some dude who gets to decide whether or not he wants to tow you. There is ZERO interest in protecting their residents. You'll be told that next time, you shouldn't even risk it; you should leave the property and walk home, in the dark, at 3 in the morning!
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What a great combination of knowledge, support, and results! I would never consider using another trainer. Andrew is the best!
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