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Great advice, Heather and thanks for including me on your list, too.

You summed up twitter use perfectly. It just frustrates me that the mainstream publicity for twitter falls in the hands of trashy mags and TV chat shows, from which people learn only what celebrities (term used loosely) tweet about. Just the other day my workmate said "I'm just not interested in what Richard Madeley has to say" FFS. Neither am I!!

Yes, twitter is a slow starter and can be quite daunting to begin with, but it's well worth having that initial patience for the benefits you can reap from it in the future.
I get mocked by colleagues for trying to get everyone on Twitter/Social Media for exactly the same reasons you are outlining. Of course nobody of them has ever even tried it. Grr!

Great article!!
Don't knock it until you have tried it! Yes, you don't have to see what any celebs are up to on there at all if you don't want to!!
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