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Heather Bond
Discoverer of purpose, coach and consultant helping you finding your why, your calling, the work you love and building the life you want.
Discoverer of purpose, coach and consultant helping you finding your why, your calling, the work you love and building the life you want.

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What's new with me?
I have a new home and have shut down my lovely office.
I am still staying with my mum and will move to my new home when the time is right.

I have learned so much this year about myself, about staying resilient and about life.

I am hoping to begin posting again and sharing some of my insights, and I make no promises as circumstances dictate somewhat at the moment.

For now I have use of a 360 camera courtesy of +martin shervington and am hoping to be posting some example videos soon ( don't expect professional please :) )

And here's a photo from the location of my new home. It's lovely!

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After so long away I'm scheduling a refresher day.
Thank you +Denis Labelle for making this easy.
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So it is 17 weeks since I posted here.
My father took ill and the level of care he needed vastly increased.
He passed away on 21st May .
I have to say that these past months have been challenging and a learning and a gift to have spent that time with him.

I will soon be back to posting daily here.


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Happy Friday!
I think Mr Blue has that Friday Feeling!

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Thank you +martin shervington for sharing. I'm adding it to my watch later list. Looks powerful.

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A New Blog Post!
I wrote a blog the other day. The first for a long time. One of many to come I hope.

I notice that I (and my family) have a habit of defeating ourselves on great opportunities and ideas before we even start.
The scenario goes something like this...
I have this great opportunity/thing I want to do and I am really excited...
Ah but wait...
What if that goes wrong?
I need to do this and in this climate that won't be easy...
And if I ask X to help they'll just say no....
And it that thing didn't work last time...
Ah forget it. It's a shame. It's just not going to happen for me.

Does that sound familiar?

I have been practising noticing when I go in to this pattern for the last month now and my mind is slowly shifting to all the amazing things I have done and can do.

My blog takes it a little further... #selfdefeat #selfsabotage #success

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Hmmm!! I didn't realise it has been so long since I posted!
I had to move offices (new office pic below) and attend appointments and write proposals!
And now I have a moment to breather and connect and pop by to say 'Hello! How are you doing?'

Happy new year! May 2016 be the best year of your life! 

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Is your site optimised for mobile?
I'm working on one of my sites this weekend. I know how to celebrate the holidays! :)
Thank you +Mike Elgan
Here comes 'Desktopgeddon'

(Read my column: )

You don't hear much about the so-called "Mobilegeddon" anymore.

On April 21, Google changed its search engine to prefer sites deemed "mobile-friendly." In the aftermath, non-mobile-friendly sites suffered a 12% drop in traffic.

The whole event led some to conclude that, on the whole, the desktop Web is better than the mobile Web because so many sites had failed to optimize for mobile.

While the public believes the desktop Internet is better, in reality the opposite is now true -- and it's getting truer all the time. Here's why the desktop Web is falling way behind the mobile Web.


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I hope you and your family are having an amazing holiday.
This time of year is often a time to reflect and plan what we want for our lives in the coming year. I know I do!
So here is my holiday gift to you.
Three, 40 minute live workshops to help you make 2016 "The Best Year of Your Life."
They are coming this week so check out the details now by clicking the link here...
#bestyearofyourlife #2016 #newyear
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