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Almost stopped watching at 35 seconds.  Is there a 911-equivalent to Godwin's law?
Classic: China's Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei's comments: "Identifying the attackers without carrying out a comprehensive investigation and making inferences about the attackers is both unprofessional and irresponsible". And even better: "the US should be building mutual trust and co-operation and demanded it "respect facts, change its mind-set and stop its wrongdoing in issuing similar reports year after year""  Translation?: "You can't prove it was us"
+Andy Smith-Thomas the sad thing is that a statement like that often betrays the fact that the individual is not prepared to deal with these issues... but is in a position where they're supposed to.

+Ben Low isn't that the language of espionage? :)

I'm glad to see this wasn't labeled "cyberwar".  I had expected more cringe worthy moments but it was remarkably eye-roll free.
-1 it's a shame we keep sending them money and jobs.
yeah, nothing new for us I suppose, but likely the public at large is still unaware. Nowadays, any country that's behind, but has enough smart people with internet connected computers, and a history of not being bothered by stealing, is a real threat.
China is obviously on top of the list, but not the only contender.
e Lamb
+Brian Aldrich Stop buying Chinese stuff. But then again, I am not sure if most Americans can afford anything else. If it wasn't for the Chinese, almost all goods would be at least twice the price. You may not even afford to buy a computer if was decided that it would be made in Europe.   
+e Lau You don't know anything. Are you from China? If so, how are you accessing YouTube? through a VPN/proxy? After all, regular Chinese citizens aren't allowed to access YouTube. It's censored; or are you a part of the peddlers that China pays 50cents/day to post pro-communist junk?
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