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Is your pool ready for summer?

Long, lazy summer days of relaxation out by the pool. Kids running around laughing. Friends gathered around the bbq whilst others splash about cooling off from the hot summer sun. Sounds like bliss right? But after a dreary winter where your pool has probably not even been given a second thought – you might stand looking at a rather unenticing tub of slushy green water instead of a crystal clear oasis. What to do!?

Well, before you can reopen your pool for summer and experience the true potential of your backyard pool again you need to clean out your pool and restore the water back to its optimal chemical balance.

Unfortunately, getting your pool ready for use takes more than just filling it up and jumping on in. Without the right steps to achieve balance, the health of both the pool and the people that use it can be jeopardised
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Save cash by heating cheaper.

Do you spend more time looking at or ignoring your swimming pool because it’s too cold to swim in?  We offer a range of heating solutions that cost a lot less than you would expect.  What to know more? Well let’s get you into hot water. 
We supply swimming pool heat pumps and offer a comprehensive range of efficient, value for money, new generation models incorporating environmentally friendly R410a refrigerant.  Our products are high quality stainless steel components and tried and tested rugged reliability.  We offer solid warranties and are professional, quick, tidy and efficient.
Our average HPPS Installation is 300% efficient, which means you get $3 of hot water for every $1 of electricity used.  They use air which of course is 100% renewable as its primary energy source and it uses 70% renewable electricity to run its systems.  We have the highest quality and most realistically priced range of heat pumps available.  As we are the supplier there is no middleman thus saving you the money.  Our technology is the most cost effective on the market as we keep up with reliable, tried and tested technology with cutting edge, new generation concepts.  Our heat pumps are like a fridge in reverse, using a combination of solar energy and electricity to heat your pool effectively and efficiently.  The pump takes the heat from the sun-warmed air, upgrades it with the compressor and transfers it into the water. Thus little energy is wasted and it requires minimal electricity.  Our heat pumps are up to 75% cheaper to run than diesel, gas or electric resistant element pool heaters.
So how do those numbers and percentages sound? To “cap” it all off, pun fully intended, we also recommend one of our pool covers to even further save money and power.  As our last blog showed they help to keep your pool heated and can save you up to 60% of energy costs by allowing the sun to also heat the pool.  So get back into that pool by calling us today and letting us set you up with our heat pumps.
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Got yourself covered?

We at Heat Pump Pool Solutions (HPPS) don’t just do swimming pool heat pumps.  We also do pool covers.  Why, because we love getting people into hot water. Pool covers not only keep your pool clean, they help to keep it heated and help reduce energy costs.  We highly recommend a pool cover for your pool.  We mainly deal in three main pool covers,

Solar Bubble Cover

Saves up to 60% of energy costs
Are the most effective cover
Allows the sun to also heat the pool
Reduces evaporation
Cuts down on water use
Saves on chemical costs
Extends the swimming season.

Debris Mesh Cover

Protects the pool from debris
Reduces maintenance
Allows surface water to drain
Lightweight and custom made to any shape
Helps reduce chemical use
Prevents children from falling in

Thermal Cover

Stops overnight heat loss by 3-4 degrees
Extends the swimming season
Heat retention so saves on energy costs
On an indoor pool it stops condensation

Whichever cover you decide is best suited to your needs they all have a few things in common. By keeping your pool covered it keeps it cleaner thus reducing chemicals which is better for you and the environment.  It reduces energy costs which is great for the bank account.  It extends your swimming season so you get more use out of your pool.  We highly recommend getting a pool cover for all these reasons and more.  Call us today and let us put you in hot water.
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What is a "pool heating exchanger"?

To put it simply a heat exchanger transfers heat from one thing to another.
A pool heat pump uses a combination of solar energy and electricity to heat the pool.  The pump takes heat from the sun warmed air and upgrades it with a compressor and transfers it to the water.  It works similar to a heat pump which works by extracting heat from the air outside and upgrades it with a compressor and transfers it into your home.
Pool heaters work by taking in the water and heating it via propane or gas.  It has a higher operating cost than a heat pump even though the initial installation price is cheaper it ends up costing a lot more, however a heat pump is cheaper and more environmentally friendly. 

New Zealand’s electricity infrastructure generates about 70% of its electricity through renewable resources like wind, hydro-electric and geothermal energy.  Our heat pumps pool heater uses air which is 100% renewable as its primary energy source and it uses 70% renewable electricity to run its systems.  New Zealand is an ideal country to tap into renewable energy.  With its “clean, green” image a lot of people are joining the movement to keep New Zealand that way and installing one of our pool heat pumps is one way for New Zealanders to do this.
We at Heat Pump Pool Solutions supply heat pumps specifically designed for New Zealand.  We use leading edge technology and pride ourselves on our product performance and sales service.  Regardless of the size of your pool we have a solution for you.
Our heat pumps

Are very cost effective to run
Can be installed normally in half a day
Are easy to maintain
Have innovative and reliable technology

Call today for a free quote.
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Local pool heating installers across New Zealand

When you are looking for someone to heat your pool look no further than us at HPPS heat pump pool solutions. We are a nationwide company who are eager to look after you from beginning to end. We will start you off with a free quote and sort out what the best solution is to suit your needs. Each country has different needs in this area so we ensure our products are specifically designed for New Zealand conditions wherever you live in this country. We use leading edge technology to help ensure our clean green New Zealand image. Our heat pumps are much cleaner and greener to run by using the power of the sun instead of alternative fossil fuel burners.
Our heat pumps are extremely efficient running between 300% to 500% efficiency. We can heat all size pools from residential to commercial from a 14.7kw domestic unit to a 300kw unit for commercial applications. We also have a fully-backed manufacturer warranty including a 10 year limited warranty on both the titanium used in the heat exchanger and the hi-grade stainless steel used in the heaters casing.
Because we are a nationwide company we are generally local to wherever you live, this allows us to offer the best value for money. New Zealand have a very unique electricity infrastructure generating around 70% of our electricity through renewable sources like wind, hydro-electric and geothermal energy. We aim to have every kiwi home serviced by 90% renewable sources for 2025.
Our heat pumps use air as its primary energy source and it uses 70% renewable electricity to run its systems such as compressors and electric boosting backup when needed. We want to keep New Zealand green. But we don’t just sell pool heaters we take care of you. Call us when you need maintenance done we also specialise in this area. We can help with all your regular servicing and maintenance jobs including pool filter changes, pump and heater servicing and repairs, parts replacement and pool cleaning.
So call us your local pool heating company and talk to us about how we can take care of your pool needs.
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Is cheap pool heating the solution?

With money being tight these days’ people are looking for ways to save money.

Buying cheap is one-way people do things. But is buying cheap a good way to save money? In some instances, yes.

For example, buying cheap throw away plates for a beach BBQ. But if you want something to last buying cheap is never a good idea.

There is a saying that says “the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”. The fact is, buying cheap now can actually cost more in the long run. An example, when our first son was born we went pram shopping. Where we met another couple also pram shopping. They told us to learn from their mistake.

They brought a cheap pram at $250, it lasted a year, so they brought another cheap pram the next year, it also lasted a year. By the time their child was no longer in a pram they had brought five cheap prams. That was just for one child. To work it out $250 times five prams cost them $1250. Then they had a second child. They told us, buy a quality pram, we did. We spent $850 on a good pram and it did us through two children and then we were able to on-sell it at a good price afterwards. So sometimes buying cheap and getting a good deal work, and sometimes buying cheap gets you cheap. When it comes to things you want to last long term, buying quality is the key. Pool heating is one of those times you should buy quality.

But don’t worry when we do quality we don’t do expensive, our products are low maintenance and come fully warranted and we work with you to find the most cost effective solution to your pool heating. Our processes and products are all proven to be as, or more technically and environmentally efficient than any other comparable product on the New Zealand market. As well as saving you money, having your pool heated means it can live up to its full potential and be able to be used year round. As a bonus we also care for our fragile environment and ensure our contribution to global warming is the lowest we can achieve. So it’s a win win for you, we combine quality with cost effectiveness for a solution that fits your needs and is good for the environment. Call us today and find out what we can do for you.
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Commercial pools are a fantastic asset to many such as with public pools and school pools. Unfortunately the number of schools with pools are declining, this is mainly due to the cost of running a commercial pool. We here at HPPS, Heat Pump Pool Solutions ( have the solution for you to keep the cost of running a commercial pool at an affordable level.
Our heat pumps are 75% cheaper to run than other methods such as gas. They run between 300% to 500% efficiency and most installations can be completed within half a day. How is that possible? Our heat pumps use a combination of solar energy and electricity to heat pools effectively and efficiently, our pumps take the heat from the sun warmed air, upgrades it with a compressor and transfers it to the water. Because our heat pumps use air, it is 100% renewable so also fantastic for our environment, and there is very little wasted energy as it uses minimal electricity. Our pumps can maintain a constant pool temperature of 28-32'C, which is ideal. Our models range from 14.7kw unit for domestic purposes and up to 300kw for commercial applications.
Our heat pumps are built to last, they are compact and easy to use and install. They are also fully backed by our manufacture warranty. So regardless of the size of the pool we can meet your requirements. Schools are able to use board funding, including grants from trusts and fundraising to pay for a pool, for example the "save our pools" campaign is one such organisation who gives grants in order to keep pools in schools. With an average of 111 drowning deaths a year in New Zealand it is great to see schools determined to keep their pools, and now with our help it can be much more affordable. This is also great news for commercial pools for example under the Auckland Council, from 2013 their pools are now free for under 16s which is fantastic however most council pools have now increased the price for adults to swim to cover the costs. Our more cost efficient pool heating solutions could help here as well.
So give HPPS a call and see what we can do for you.
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Summer Is Coming, Make Sure Your Pool Is Ready!
Summer is finally here! It is now time to dust off that pool cover, clean the pool, make sure it is working and get it all ready for the next few months to ensure you will be able to put it to best possible use!

get_swimming_pool_ready_for_summerWhat should you check? Before using your pool, always ensure that the water is clean. Remove any debris such as fallen leaves from within the pool. Check to make sure your pool filter is clean and will last you the summer, and ensure that your water pump is operating and in good condition. Once you check these points off, you should be good to go!

If you find that you do have issues with your pool and want to get them sorted as quickly as possible, give us a call!
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Replacing Your Sand Pool Filter

Replacing the sand in your pool filter is crucial in order to properly maintain your pool filtration system. Over time, the sand becomes saturated in organic debris, skin, hair and oils from the pool that it is no longer able to filter the water properly. It is recommended to change the sand in your filter every 3-4 years for best results. This will maximize the effectiveness of the filter and ensure you have clean and clear water.

The first step is to remove the sand from the filter. This is easiest with a shop vacuum however you can scoop the sand out by hand or with a small shovel if you don’t have access to a vacuum. The sand in an old filter can actually be full of bacteria so it’s best to avoid direct contact as much as possible.

Once the old sand has been removed, you will want to add water to the tank before putting the new sand in. The water with help absorb the impact of the falling sand in the filter tank. This step can be skipped, but if this is your first sand change, it is highly recommended to ensure that you
don’t damage your system.

Next step is to put the new sand in. The sand you will want to use is a #20 silica sand which is specifically made for filtering. This can be found at almost all pool supply stores. If other types of sand are used, you will almost certainly have issues and could potentially damage your pool.

The amount of sand that you need to add with depend on your filter type and size, so make sure you check the specs of your filter. Overfilling or underfilling with at best case scenario cause the filter to not function correctly, and at worst case will damage the filter.

When filling the sand, make sure that you don’t get sand into the sand pipe. Since the sand pipe is wide open and right in the middle, it is advised to cover it with some tape to prevent sand falling in. Also make sure that the pipe is right in the center before you start filling, as it will not be possible to adjust it later once the sand is in.

Once you have filled the sand in, you can put the filter head back on and be sure that it is tight enough. Make sure you do not overtighten, however, as you may crack the filter body by doing so. This would require a replacement filter tank.

The last step, and the first thing you should do when this is all done, is to do a backwash. Do this by overfilling the pool and then backwash for around 3 to 5 minutes, then do a 1 minute rinse cycle. Now you can set it to filter. This completes the sand filter replacement process.
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What did you think about our service? We appreciate any and all feedback from our customers. Please leave a review here to let us know your thoughts!
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