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Welcome to Healthy Lifestyles! Find recipes, healthy tidbits, and pearls for living a better healthier life!
Welcome to Healthy Lifestyles! Find recipes, healthy tidbits, and pearls for living a better healthier life!

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In case you didn't know, it's best to buy fresh fruits, veggies, and leafy greens. If you eat legumes, you could buy dried and cook them yourself.

If you buy canned goods, consider doing so minimally and spend the extra $$ to buy in glass. An asceptic container is perhaps 2nd best but even then, your food is housed in some sort of chemical.

Things I buy in glass: coconut water, tomato sauce, artichoke hearts.

Things I have never seen in a glass jar but it'd be nice: black olives (not kalmata), mandarin oranges. We keep a few of these around for DIY gluten free dairy free pizza night.

BPA is an endocrine disruptor. We all have hormones. Men and women. Infertility rates are sky rocketing. This is just one piece of the puzzle.

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Who's not too busy these days?

Want to know things I do to stay calm, in the middle of a storm?

Coming right up! Here's info on how stress affects our body, and today we're specifically talking about how stress impairs detoxification.

I've got 7 strategies, and pictures to prove it:-}

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I write a lot about toxins, and it's because we are all affected by them.

Personal care products

Our food


Our mouth and what substances we allow on our teeth

Laundry detergents

Air fresheners

Paints, solvents, VOC's



So one of the ways I help educate folks is with downloadable recordings. You can listen when it's right for you, instead of showing up in class.

I have a 4-part detox series with 4+ hours of education to help you understand where your toxins are coming from, alternatives as you go forward, and solutions to move them OUT of your body!

Cancer is a mix of toxins and virus's. 95% of us harbor at least one of the hundred plus varieties of the Herpes family of virus's. Toxins are one of their favorite foods.

So most of us are at risk of some form of cancer and then it just depends on how loaded with toxins you are, and if you have a mild or an aggressive form of one of the virus's.

Solution: learn where YOUR toxins come from, and how to get them out. Then also, support your immune system so that the virus's don't get the upper hand.

Start by being informed.

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I hope and pray the weather holds because I planted most all of our garden Saturday!

It's a little early here in Montana...but some volunteer foods were growing nicely from last year so I figured if they've made it this far, maybe my little seeds can take some chilly spring days if we still get some.

I've not been that successful at growing celery, which I drink daily since I juice, but we are pretty good at growing cucumbers. So Saturday I planted 3 different varieties of cucumbers. Some for eating and some for juicing!

Cucumbers are SO hydrating. And they are incredible for cleansing the kidneys. You would be doing yourself a favor if you started eating and juicing more cuc's.

I recently was talking with a gal who has a lot of back pain. DJD. Degenerative Joint Disease. She has taken too many NSAID's over the years as a coping mechanism, and her kidneys are failing and she's only in her 50's.

If you or anyone you know has compromised kidney function, the best recommendation is a plant based diet (kidneys have to filter all that nitrogen from animal foods) and lots of straight up cucumber juice. Food is medicine and diet matters.

If this woman had sought my advice about her DJD, I could even help her manage chronic pain without those NSAID's. Ask Tracy Sessions might seem like a lot of money for some of you, but what is the cost of chronic pain, missed work, reduced quality of life, and worrying about your future.

I have spent EIGHTEEN YEARS studying how to address root causes and help people heal. For the vast majority of you reading this, YOU CAN HEAL. I fully realize conventional medicine would tell you otherwise, but they have a different agenda. I work for God and my life purpose is to battle the darkness in our current medical model.

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This can be a struggle for all of us - including me.

But every time I eat grains - even gluten free grains - I don't feel as well. For me, I get a sore throat and it brings on hip pain.

I feel best "just" eating fruits, veggies and leafy greens. Smoothies. Fresh juices. The spinach soup I love and eat so much. I love a banana wrapped in romaine lettuce with one medjool date sliced into 4 pieces in there - I eat it like a hot dog! Yesterday I juiced a watermelon which seems silly right? But watermelon juice is AMAZING and travels easily. And I can sip on it while I work without making noise.

Here's the recipe to the spinach soup

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I realize there's lots of information about counting calories or cutting carbs.

But there's more to it.

The biggest of these is usually the liver. What we call "metabolism" is an interaction of all three of these.

I too, am working on my liver. I heard this great analogy about Lyme. It's like having termites in your house. You can kill the termites - or in my case the pathogens - but in the meantime, they've eaten your floors and 2x4s in the walls.

So you have to repair the structures too - meaning you need to also heal your liver, adrenals, and in my case I am also working on healing my neurological system.

Here's an easy read on 7 Reasons We Should Pay More Attention To our Livers - including its role in weight management.

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Meaning 98% of my diet is plants...with a bit of our elk, deer, or grass fed beef here and there.

The vast majority of my plants are fruits, veggies, and leafy greens. I'm usually grain free, legume free because I notice that they tend to be harder for me to digest.

And YOU?

Food is medicine but we're all different. What is working for you?

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After implementing a comprehensive treatment plan for my chronic Lyme, I have been able to come off my thyroid medication that I was on for TWENTY SIX years!

I have not been on thyroid meds for about 3-4 months now, and my recent labs show that I don't need them. My TSH was ~ 1 and my T4 was within the normal range.

I did A LOT more than just eat a few special foods, but I'm here to tell you, it can be done! Our bodies CAN heal.

Any chronic health condition is a combination of toxins, stress, diet, and pathogens. When you put a comprehensive treatment plan into place, MANY things heal.

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