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Health & Wellness Weblog | HealthTrekker. Interesting, geeky collection of health innovations + hacks. -All related with a sense of humor. Become a Better You: Don t just survive; Transcend!
Health & Wellness Weblog | HealthTrekker. Interesting, geeky collection of health innovations + hacks. -All related with a sense of humor. Become a Better You: Don t just survive; Transcend!


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Zombie-Cells Removed From Brains, Dementia Gone. Holy Cortex, Batman!:
So aging presents all kinds of difficulties and reductions in abilities.

And Science doesn’t just ask “Why?”, but also “How can we fix it?”

The question is more stark for neurodegenerative-diseases like Alzheimer’s, where people lose their entire Selves as a result.

Recently, one avenue Science explores as a solution to many problems, is the existence of senescent or “Zombie”-cells.

And a research team out of the Mayo Clinic found a way to combine that promising frontier in health, with one of mental-aging’s biggest boogeymen…

#Alzheimer #dementia #zombiecell #senescence #senescent #senescentcell #brainhealth
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Apple’s New Watch Refines Health-Features With ECG Heart Monitor:
So when Apple originally rolled-out the watch with the heart-rhythm measuring feature, it was greeted with a little skepticism,

That was because many wrist-based health devices can end-up being less than perfectly-accurate.

From calories-burned by exercise, all the way to questions about serious measurements like heart rhythms.

But this time, Apple’s gotten even more serious by integrating another part of health-measurement in a much more serious way…

#heartdisease #cardio #digitalhealth #telemedicine #BigData
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Bathroom Hand Dryer Risks, High-Speed Bacteria Everywhere:
Just like anyone else, your Mom probably told you to do a lot of things.

Eat your greens, wear clean underwear for a car-accident, and wash your hands.

And given harrowing stats like 30% of New Yorkers infected with H.Pylori from public handrails, Mom was definitely right about a few things.

And though non-Mom Science tries to advance humanity, every once in awhile it takes us backward,

This time specifically with the invention of the public bathroom hand-dryer…

#handdryer #microbes #bathroom
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Can Extreme-Loneliness Hurt Your Health?:
Thanks to sites like Farcebook and Twitter, we may be more connected than ever.

But in what’s called “The Social Media Paradox”, Loneliness has actually doubled since the 1980’s

Adding up to almost half of adults saying they’re lonely.

So should you be worried if you’re part of that group?

And as one interesting thread on Quora asks: If taken too far, Can Loneliness end up killing you?…

#loneliness #lonelinesskills #sad #socialanxiety #depression
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Short Vacation Health Benefits, Is 4 Days As Good As 14?:
When we think about time-off from work, it seems like a mandatory large-scale production.

And certainly, that comes to mind when we think about Summer Vacations.

Huge blocks of time that have to be set aside months ahead and taken all at once.

Like temporarily going into a Jason Bourne state, forgetting who you are, and living someone-else’s life. -Just without all the fistfights.

But what if I told you that SCIENCE! has some different ideas about that? Especially how long you need to be gone…

#shortvacation #LongWeekend #excursions #vacations #weekends #4dayvacation
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Loneliness, Sleep, And That Weird LCD Light:
So when a simple, understandable problem happens, Science is pretty quick to step-in and fix it.

But when people start experiencing stranger things, the process gets more complex.

And something along those lines is happening with an epidemic of psychological symptoms centered around loneliness.

But a few studies by Universities at Berkeley, Toledo, and San Diego State might just put the steps of that puzzle together…

#loneliness #sleep #socialanxiety #social
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Men Lose More Weight Than Women On Diets... Really?:
Nutrition and weight-loss are two big topics that come up when anyone talks health.

In-fact, if you look at any of the Top 10 lists on how to keep yourself healthy,

Many of them cook down to good-nutrition and exercise.

But in that quest to avoid the hormone-apocalypse that excess fat can get us,

Interesting differences come up between individual results.

And a team from the University of Copenhagen just found another strange twist in the weight-loss differences between men and women…

#weightloss #diets #nutrition #mensnutrition #womensnutrition #tdee #lowcalorie
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Alcohol Linked With Dementia, The Odd Effects Examined:
While alcohol can be a lot of fun, science keeps finding reasons for us to be cautious.

And also to think very seriously about moderation.

For example, drinking to excess can result in endotoxin-related inflammation.

But still more consequences loom over the horizon as we progress through life.

And of all people, Power-Drinking British researchers are now reporting on the association between Alcohol and Dementia…

#dementia #alcohol #Alzheimers #drinking #inflammation #sleep
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Healing Cavities With The Sci-Fi Of Regenerative Medicine:
One of the problems we all face at one time or another is parts of us fail or wear-out.

But the ability science now has to create things like stem-cells are accelerating a new branch of health called regenerative-medicine.

And an early experience we all have with parts wearing-out is going to the dentist.

Well, a U. Washington team just came up with a new procedure that’s just like a stem-cell “patch” for your teeth,

And it uses a similar process to make those dentist visits a thing of the past…

#cavities #dentalcare #toothrepair #fillings #biomimetic #amelogenin #dental #regenerativemedicine
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Does Seeing The Same Doctor Help You Live Longer, Like A Medical Shield?:
In the search for good health, many people go to great lengths.

And this site is all about the different avenues people look down for fixes and improvements.

While things like nutrition, vitamins, supplements and biotech research are some of those,

There are also a few “Stealth Factors” out there, that are frequently overlooked.

And UK researchers found a big piece of that puzzle, hidden in the most obvious place of all; -your doctor’s office…

#longevity #antiaging #doctors #samedoctor #earlymortality #continuityofcare
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