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FREE Dental, Prescription, Vision, Hearing and Pet Rx Discount Health Card
FREE Dental, Prescription, Vision, Hearing and Pet Rx Discount Health Card


Hi Friends,

I wanted to update you on the progress that we’re making on HealthCard4Free.

As you know – HealthCard4Free is a public-spirited family business, distributing a unique No Cost discount dental, vision, hearing and prescription drug card, valued at over $400, yet FREE to everyone in America in an effort to deliver a better quality of life.  

On March 4, 2014 – Long Island Business News published the attached article about HealthCard4Free.

Since you’re as busy as I am – here are some excerpts:

(1)  “there isn’t a single person in the United States who couldn’t benefit from a card like that.”

(2)  “It offers so many benefits at no cost and we’ve all been told that when something seems too good to be true, it often is. In this case, it’s not.”

(3)  “The card is an effective cost-reducer for both the insured and uninsured, Eisenson noted, and is especially important as the Affordable Care Act encourages some employers to cut back healthcare plans covering dental, vision and hearing services.”

We all appreciate saving money and our valuable HealthCard4Free is available at absolutely no cost. No one offers Free Dental, but we found a dental program that is as good as those that charge $199 annually. It can be used with or without insurance and will only save you money. In addition, we offer everyone significant savings on your necessary, prescriptions, vision and hearing care, diabetic supplies, medical lab work, MRI, CT and Ultrasound imaging services and even your Pets are covered with discounted veterinary services and savings of up to 75% on your pet’s prescriptions.

 Visit HealthCard4Free and look over our website. I am confident that you will want to provide this wonderful benefit to your family, customers, employees and their families. Please contact me at your earliest convenience and I will be happy to provide whatever assistance you require to bring these exceptional benefits to you.

 ARTICLE: see it on our website (cannot attach here)


Best wishes,


Dr. Charles Eisenson
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Hi Everyone,
Please go to our new website and like us and join us on all of the social media sites!!! It will really help us!
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•All American Pet Owners - are eligible for discount pet prescriptions - included FREE with the HealthCard4Free.
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